Brave Legend Heroes Awaken (CBT Gameplay)

So if you read my post, I think all of you already see my video below on my channel or just googling around the world to see this game.

I found this game after see a cute character icon on the google play. I think she is a warrior, hahaha.
This game called Brave Legends. Well, this game is a 3D action game with strategic RPG. Easy to tell that this game similar to another 3D game. I guess.


what you meet in this game,

  1. Many heroes with different attributes. First play you’ll be the one from the thumbnail. And after you level up your character in the Adventure, you can meet another hero. 
  2. Strategic. Of course, this one is important. You can build your dream team with unique combination to activate powerful team skills. You should train, upgrade skill, and evolve. You can see your attribute, skill, and talent from your hero.
  3. Auto-battle. You’ll meet auto-battle mode and 2X Speed for auto-battle.
  4. Summon altar. You can get hero or equipment from this one.
  5. Devil treasure.
  6. Colosseum. You can fight with another player
  7. Guilds and war. Should join Guild first
  8. Ancient relics
  9. World Boss
  10. Alchemy. You can trade your diamond for coin.
  11. Mercenary camp (stronger your hero even offline mode)
  12. Mine war (stronger your hero even offline mode)
  13. PVP
  14. etc

See my gameplay here, you can meet another feature and see how this game.

I play this game when CBT. I think already OBT now.
So you can try this Brave Legend now.
Go to try it!
Don’t forget to connect your account with Google Play or Facebook.