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Reunited with Bang Ucok, an old friend who last met in 2012 during the Terios event to Komodo Island

“Wir, September can you join Terios for another 2-week walk around Kalimantan?” asked David, my friend from Daihatsu whom I have known since two years ago when he traveled to Komodo Island from Jakarta by road — who said he was also single and looking for his heart’s desire.

Without thinking, without thinking about the time off, and without thinking about you, I immediately said, “COUNT ME IN BRO!”

Yes, when will we be able to explore the earth of Borneo where our distant relatives like to perch alone on trees — not because they are confused like David — but because that is the nature of their individual, which we call orangutans. When else will you be able to see the smiles of the beautiful Dayak girls who are still alive in the middle of the forest, which are getting burned more and more?

The plan, with the theme of Terios Wild Adventure, our Terios team from Palangkaraya will stop by Sebangau National Park to see orangutans; meet proboscis monkeys on Pulau Kaget and see orchids in Kandangan; playing with the Swamp buffalo at Amuntai; interacting with the Dayak tribe in Pampang Village, Samarinda; and ends on one of Indonesia’s most beautiful tropical islands, the Derawan Archipelago.

What a bucket list!

Unconsciously, time passed until the day of departure arrived.

Saturday, 12 September 2015, Soekarno Hatta Airport Terminal 2F

“Wow, my wife just flew to Palangkaraya this morning, it should have been 06.40 to 12 this morning, it hasn’t left yet,” said Mas Indra at whatsappa native Kalimantan blogger whose blog I have reviewed here.

Ah, at least this afternoon the smoke has subsided, I thought.

In php the plane because of the smog t

At one o’clock in the afternoon the team of adventurous friends, Terios 7 Wonders, had gathered in front of 2F. Some people I have known before because they also participated in last year’s expedition. We checked in, put our stuff in our luggage, and waited for boarding at the gate. The weather is sunny, everything feels smooth. Until a sweet voice appears.

“Passengers, due to thick smoke covering the city of Palangkaraya, flight GA552 has been delayed for the next one hour.”

Hell yes.

Panic. What if I don’t go to Kalimantan later? Even though I made an appointment with the orangutans there to eat Nasi Padang with bananas together!

We patiently waited another hour. I walked around the terminal, looking around trying to find out. Unfortunately, I got bad news instead: it’s been two days since the Palangkaraya flights, none of them have flown.

Meet mas @ariepariekesit, a culinary expert who wants to go to Semarang at the same gate.

An hour passed, and I heard the announcement again, “Dear passengers, due to the smog that still covers the city of Palangkaraya, for the sake of safety, flight GA538 to Palangkaraya has been cancelled. I apologize for this inconvenience.”

Subhan Allah. *shakes headscarf* *headscarf mas squid*

However, the team deftly searched for ideas so they could arrive in Kalimantan tonight. Luckily this was from the airline that canceled it, so we could change the schedule and also the route. The direct route was diverted to Banjarmasin. Luckily again, there is a night flight at 7.30 to Banjarmasin for 28 people!

Alright, the important thing is to step on Borneo’s earth first. Final destination matters later. Later from Banjarmasin we will go overland to Palangkaraya.

The team’s faces were starting to look wrinkled and tired. The clock shows 19.30 and boarding again. The sweet voice of the long-awaited announcer is back.

“Dear passengers, we apologize that flight GA538 to Banjarmasin has been delayed by an hour because there are still delays from Palembang.

*Review mirror*

Sorry, the one on the left behaved like that because he had been using the mirror for real because it was phped with the Kalimantan haze.

Okay, fine. We just enjoy. Let’s just say this is the first trial of this Borneo wild adventure trip. I know there will be many more ordeals than this in the next 12 days.

Long story short, the team arrived in Palangkaraya safely without anything missing. But as soon as the plane door opened, the smell of smoke was quite suffocating. White fog can be seen covering the city of Palangkaraya. Some people appear to be wearing masks. It turned out to be very uncomfortable to be a victim of this smog natural disaster, especially for those who have respiratory problems. Hopefully the haze and forest fires subside in Indonesia. Is there amen?

Mb vira indohoy and mb sefin, 2 ladies among 28 robbers still smile even though delay and cancel

The trip to Palangkaraya takes about 4 hours, with narrow roads and bumpy because there are so many small bridges that pass through the sewers of the waterways whose angles are so sharp that the car often jumps and makes us unable to sleep.

At two in the morning, we entered the city of Palangkaraya. The eyes feel tired because they can’t sleep the whole trip. We entered the hotel preparing to leave for Sebangau National Park not tomorrow, but only a few hours away…..(continued)

Eyes are still heavy, but let’s go to Sebangau to see Orangutans! But watch for the smog behind. Hope it goes away soon!
Welcomed by the typical Dayak saber dance
Team Terios 7 wonders is ready to depart from Palangkaraya. *eyes siwer just slept 3 hours*
Terios 7 wonders bloggers
Off we go..!

This Terios 7 Wonders Expedition is a media journey with Daihatsu. All opinions are personal property. See other posts below.

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