Bullfighting with Fuso, Coconut Shell Truck in Lumajang Overturned

LUMAJANG, IGNews.id – A truck loaded with coconut shells overturned on the Lumajang-Probolinggo Highway, Wednesday (30/3/2022) evening. This unfortunate incident occurred after P 9628 UC driven by Fauzan (40), a resident of Pasirian District, Lumajang, had a bullfight with a fuso truck.

Luckily both the driver and the truck driver survived, although the truck was badly damaged. The condition of the overturned truck also caused severe traffic jams. Moreover, the load also spilled on the road.

Kedungjajang police chief, Iptu Maryanto said, the accident began when a truck loaded with coconut shells drove from north to south at high speed. When arriving at the location, the truck suddenly swerved and lost control and turned right.

Unfortunately, at the same time, a fuso N 8993 UU truck drove by Rotib (36), a resident of Yosowilangun District, Lumajang. As a result, a muzzle fight was inevitable. The force of the collision crushed both modi trucks, while the head truck overturned.

Editor : Ihya Ulumuddin

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