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The sky was right overhead when I was at Tanjung Aan Beach, with about 50 against friends who are competing in the National Student Art Week Photo Competition.

Quite proud to be one of them too. They are representatives from every province in Indonesia, of course they are very cool. I myself became the representative for West Java.

Honestly, I have absolutely no intention of winning. I just want have fun, get a free ticket to lombok, and continue the journey to the islands around lombok (komodo :p)

The location and theme of the competition will be kept secret until the day of the competition. Apparently, the competition themed ‘beauty of lombok’.

“Free, take photos that you think are good,” said uncle Risman angrily to the jury.

I froze. It’s going to be difficult, but well, let’s move on.

Our first location was taken to Seger beach. Very beautiful, yellow arid hills interspersed with shrubs to welcome me. Because it is a peninsula, there are beaches on both sides of the hill. The west side of the hill is directly into the Indian Ocean, while the east side is a bay where there is only water when it is high tide. Many choices of interesting places.

Several participants immediately took their respective positions. I walked slowly, trying to absorb this place, then found a beach squeezed by cliffs. It’s a bit steep, but I was determined to go down to that place.

My guess was right, none of the participants dared to come down here except for two people I forgot who. I try to play slow speed here. It was a hot day, I used Gradual ND as a regular ND to make the speed a few seconds.

Interestingly, I shoot without looking at the viewfinder. Since I only brought a Gorillapod which was less than 30 cm long, I had to wait to see the viewfinder. My pants are torn because the acrobatics are too great~

The photo above is the result of a fresh beach. The rock on the left is very distracting, so I didn’t really expect much from this photo.

Hunting continued to Tanjung Aan beach. As usual the bracelet peddlers are waiting for us to attack. They put forward various reasons to seduce us, or rather make us feel sorry for them.

“To buy a book, sir. For school, sir,” they replied with a pitiful but forced face.

I’m sorry. They are still very small but have been told to find their own food. I also bought some bracelets from them.

The race time was almost over, I went up the hill. There were no other participants, all had gone down, except for a bracelet vendor. He sat down, tidying up his wares. I approached him, he smiled.

Unlike other children, he does not aggressively offer his wares. After a bit of chit-chat approach, I pulled out the camera. He stood up, looked at me and gave me his best smile. Then he ran away, still smiling. Maybe he was the little angel that was sent to me that day. He made made day, and my victory.

3rd Place – ipadguides – West Java
Jury, from left: Oscar Motuloh, Risman Marah, Fery Gunawan
1st Place – Tb. Alfen – Banten
2nd Place – Iswara – Central Java
1st Runner Up – Abdurahman Bages – NTB
2nd Runner Up – (forgot the name) – East Java
3rd Runner Up – Monica prima aldelya – West Sumatra
The one on the left and the handsome one is me 😀


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