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So, in 2014, the story is that my mother is still using an old school cell phone. Luckily the screen is already colored, hehe.

But, because he has a special salon for women — where a lot of mothers haha-hihi use gadgets while in the cream bath; After a long time, my mother, who was actually indifferent, became jealous.

“Sis, that’s how the sms can use the image of a smile like that?” he asked one day.

“That’s not a text, ma’am. That’s another chat……….,”

I also intend to buy him a smartphone, because he is prestige enough to use his own money for things he considers ‘all-the-same-important-can-call-sms’.

Well, coincidentally, from June 4 to 8 at JCC Senayan there was an exhibition of cellphones aka ICS (Indonesia Cellular Show) 2014.

I read it: discount.

For that I am looking for a cellphone with the following specifications:

  • Budget 1.5-2.5 million, Android only
  • Can chat applications of all kinds.
  • Bundling internet packages are relatively cheap.
  • And for sure the network must also be good

After walking around, monitoring the #ICS2014 tweet, and see the clear SPG ladiesI also found a pretty interesting offer from one of the Smartfren smartphone providers and manufacturers on Twitter @smartfrenworld.


This is interesting! I can exchange my mother’s cellphone which costs around 199 thousand, to make it a 400 thousand discount!

I also tried to visit Smartfren – the SPG of course – at Cendrawasih Hall Booth C3.

“Madam, in your opinion, why do people say I am handsome?”


“Ehmm, like this madam, I want to find a cellphone that looks like blah blah blah (specs above), can you recommend a Smartfren cellphone? Er, is she using Smartfren too? I want to test the signal here, can I have the number, please?

“Um, okay, just a minute. Now, this is Andromax Z, it’s perfect for the mas’ mother”

“Oh I see? May I try?”

“Very well, sir!”

Ma’am, I want you, uh, what do you mean by cellphone?
The handsome man is also ready to serve, if you don’t want to be with the ladies..

I am an observer of the details of the items I will buy. I will ask this and that to the seller. Usually, until the seller looks annoyed and lazy, hehe. I really like a booth like this smartphone that frees visitors to try as they please. Rather than just putting it in the display case. It’s the same at the store, please.

Fortunately, the lady at Smartfren is kind, patient, and of course she is always friendly with me.

The smartfren mascot i hate slow anti slow :))
On the dance too :)))

Finally, I brought home the Smartfren Andromax Z. And the most confusing thing was actually, I was a little hesitant to give this Smartfren Andromax Z to my mother; but what can I do, I’m related (admittedly) a kind-hearted child and loves his parents. Uhm. Even though I will use more later, hehe.

Now, my job is to teach my mother to call, text, and chat using a smartphone.

Looks like it’s going to be hard, hehe.

This is my mother’s old cell phone.
And this is the new Andromax Z!



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