Can Children Who Get COVID-19 Really Stunting? This is what the doctor said


COVID-19 in children is still a concern. Like adults, children can also catch the COVID-19 virus and experience mild to severe symptoms.

When a child is exposed to COVID-19, his body condition can decline. Many parents worry that this condition can affect the growth and development of their children.

Children who are sick also usually have no appetite. It is not surprising that parents are also afraid that their children will experience nutritional problems, such as stunting.

Then whether this decreased appetite can affect the child’s growth and development, Mother. Is it true that children who get COVID-19 can become stunted?

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Child Development Specialist, Prof. DR. dr. Rini Sekartini, Sp.A (K), said that COVID-19 is an acute infection. This virus is the same as the influenza virus, but has different variants.

This virus does not cause stunting in children because it is an acute infection. Children affected by COVID-19 will usually experience an improvement in their appetite when they return to health, Mother.

“Covid is an acute infectious disease. Actually, the Covid virus is like other influenza viruses, but this is a variant of the Covid virus. So, it is acute,” Rini said.

“If it’s good, there should be an improvement in appetite, yes, the child will return to being like a child who has the flu. So it definitely doesn’t cause stunting,” he continued in the event ‘Prevent Stunting and its Negative Impact on Brain Development and Physical Growth in Excellent Children with 9AAE and High DHA by Frisian Flag of Indonesia’ via ZoomThursday (17/2/22).

Even though it doesn’t cause stunting, you still need to fulfill your child’s nutritional intake when you are sick. Stunting can occur due to nutritional problems.

Rini explained that stunting can also be called stunted or short. However, not all short is stunting, Mother.

“Stunting is a condition of growth failure, in this case the parameter is height, especially under 2 years, which is caused by long-term or chronic nutritional problems,” said Rini.

Stunting does not only have an impact on the growth of a child’s height, but also his brain development. In the long term, stunting can pose a risk to children’s health. What’s the explanation like?

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