Cancer Treatment in Malaysia, Check These Hospital Recommendations!

Are you looking for information about cancer treatment in Malaysia? What are the recommendations for a good hospital for cancer treatment in Malaysia?

Cancer is one of the chronic diseases that is the 3rd highest cause of death in Indonesia.

Diagnosis of cancer must be done as early as possible in order to get the appropriate treatment because if not, this disease will be very difficult to cure.

One of the countries that Indonesian citizens go to for treatment is Malaysia.

This is certainly not without a definite reason. Especially in terms of experts and the completeness of medical services in these neighboring countries.

If you or a relative are looking for information about treatment or cancer treatment in Malaysia, I hope this article can help you!

Reasons Many Indonesians Choose Cancer Treatment in Malaysia

Cancer Treatment in Malaysia, Check These Hospital Recommendations!

My family includes people who choose to seek treatment in neighboring countries, especially Malaysia

The first reason, because we live in Sumatra, so to fly to Malaysia is shorter than having to go to Jakarta.

Second, the family has more confidence in the quality of hospitals and medical treatment in the country.

In terms of cost, also not much different, even cheaper.

So actually, I’m used to hearing my family members go back and forth to Malaysian hospitals, especially Penang to do check up or treatment.

Not only my family, but many other Indonesians who prefer to seek treatment in Malaysia, the reasons are because:

  • The cost of treatment is relatively affordable. Treatment costs in Penang Malaysia for specialist doctor consultations start from 340 thousand-1 million rupiah. For other services, the level of urgency and complexity is adjusted
  • More advanced technology, this certainly increases the effectiveness of treatment there. One of the newest technologies is the Gamma Knife—for brain cancer—Sunway Medical Center.
  • There is a service One Day Care, health services are completed in one day only. Apart from saving time, it also saves costs
  • Languages ​​that are not much different, makes it easier for Indonesian citizens seeking treatment in Malaysia to communicate with medical personnel. Some hospitals even provide Russian, Dutch and other language translators.
  • Easy and cheap access This is also the reason why many Indonesian citizens choose to seek cancer treatment in Malaysia. Especially those who live in border areas such as Sumatra or Kalimantan. Even the Malaysian government implements a visa-free policy for 1 month where then the hospital can assist in making a medical visa to accompanying patients and relatives so there is no need to bother anymore,
  • Provide recovery service, several hospitals in Malaysia provide recovery services for cancer patients. They monitor the progress of the patient’s health after treatment.

3 Recommended Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in Malaysia

Early detection and proper treatment are one of the supporting factors for a cancer patient to last longer or even recover from the disease.

Of course, this also requires the support of expert medical personnel as well as qualified medical equipment.

In Malaysia, there are several hospitals recommended for cancer patients who have been visited by many patients from overseas this neighbor.

Health Facilitiesa consulting service for medical treatment in Malaysia provides recommendations for the best hospitals for cancer treatment in Malaysia, which can provide appropriate treatment:

1. Sunway Medical Center

Located in Bandar Sunway—Kuala Lumpur—Sunway Medical Center is one of the best cancer hospitals.

Here are facilities One Stop Center for the treatment of all types of cancer from early stages to advanced stages.

Besides being supported by 8 oncology specialists, nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists and experienced oncology nurses, they also use state-of-the-art equipment.

Sunway Medical Center has also won various awards.

This certainly proves and confirms the quality of this hospital.

2. Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

This hospital is the first private hospital with high quality service standards in Malaysia.

Apart from being the first private hospital, PHKL is also the first hospital to provide cancer treatment services in Malaysia.

With the support of sophisticated technology, 6 specialists in oncology, surgical and medical consultants, making their services unquestionable.

3. Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is a non-profit cancer hospital in Penang. Therefore the price is very affordable.

However, supported by six oncology and tumor specialists, this hospital provides quality cancer treatment services.

No wonder the hospital, which was founded in 1976, has survived until now.

Want to Go to Malaysia for Treatment? Direct Consultation with Health Facility

cancer treatment in malaysia

So, if you are still confused about wanting to go to Malaysia for treatment but don’t know where to start? Try consulting directly with the experts, namely Health Facilities.

Health Facile is a trusted medical consultation center in Malaysia that can help you or other family members to do treatment in Malaysia.

Especially in the current pandemic conditions, many are still confused about how to get treatment in Malaysia.

Some of the services provided by Health Facile include:

  • Informing the latest requirements to be able to seek treatment in Malaysia during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Prepare travel plans and what documents are needed to be able to visit Malaysia.
  • Provide recommendations for the right doctors and hospitals in Malaysia based on your medical condition and personal preferences.

If there is anything you want to ask, just contact the Health Facile team via Whatsapp.

It’s time to change a healthier lifestyle to suppress the increase in cancer patients in Indonesia.

For those who have been diagnosed with cancer, immediately do the right treatment.

Meanwhile, for those who begin to feel any symptoms or signs, immediately do early detection.

The earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the chance for cure. Support of advanced equipment and experts also play a role here.

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