Canva Elements Recommendations for Creating Aesthetic CVs, Number 3 Most Favorite! – Student Zone – Hello Zone friends, congratulations on graduating from college! Welcome to a new life, aka time to find a job. To get the right job passion Of course it’s not easy, right? There are many supporting factors so that you can be immediately accepted in certain companies, one of which is an attractive (aesthetic) CV.

Creating an aesthetic CV certainly requires an attractive creative framework. With a note, stay in accordance with the needs, yes, Friend Zone.

Without using a very heavy application, Mimin has tips for making an interesting CV, namely using Canva. Canva is one of the most sought after platforms in 2020 to date because it offers user-friendly features.

Users can choose several design templates such as logos, power points, posters, funny elements, and many others. Then are there special elements to support the CV design to make it look attractive?

Calm! Mimin has a leak here. Check out the following recommendations.

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Favorite Elements Recommendation for Making CV

Element aesthetic (Photo: Student Zone Team)
Brush Stroke Elements (Photo: Student Zone Team)
Element Brush Stroke (Photo: Student Zone Team)
Element Doodle (Photo: Student Zone Team)
Element Neutral (Photo: Student Zone Team)
Element Rustic (Photo: Student Zone Team)
  • Example of merging all elements
Example of a CV by combining all the elements above (Photo: Student Zone Team)

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Keep in mind, not all companies need an aesthetic CV, right? According to Mimin, adjust the CV design with the company you are applying for. Creative designs will be more relevant to companies that tend to be in the creative field as well.

So, don’t forget to pay attention to the company profile too, OK!

Canva Elements Recommendations for Creating Aesthetic CVs, Number 3 Most Favorite!

That’s Mimin’s review regarding the recommendation of Canva’s favorite elements to create an Aesthetic CV, which one do you like?

Hopefully it will provide benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes. Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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