Car Travel Business Experience, 85% Profitable

Car Travel Business Experience, 85% Profitable
Car travel business

So far, the car travel business in my opinion is promising. Say 85% profitable.

Do you know where I can guarantee 85% profit? Of course from my own experience, and also from the experiences of my colleagues who are currently still active in the travel business.

So, I hope, for those of you who have an interest in this business, don’t ever hesitate to try and do it too.

What’s more, in this post, I will guide you on how to get started, explain some of the advantages, and provide tips when you are already in this offline business.

What is a travel business?

The travel business is a kind of service to deliver and pick up passengers. And today there are many means of transportation used for travel. Ranging from buses, to private cars.

It should be understood that in this car business, the types of cars used are not public transportation cars and taxis, but use their own cars.

This business is a form of business that will always exist. The reason is simple, namely this type of business will always be needed by many people.

More than that the opportunities are quite promising, and let’s say (as a start) you don’t need to spend a lot of capital to get started.

How do I start a car travel business

Pay attention to the steps I took when I first started this business, and please follow the steps.

1. Create your own business entity

The most important thing you have to do to start this business is that you have to create your own business entity. So that other people know your business name, your business logo, to your company profile. It would be even better if you create your own website.

So, in doing all of that, the key is one: you just come to notary office closest to then make a CV.

2. Immediately insure your car

The reason your car must be insured, this is an effort so that later your car is not claimed by other parties. And by insuring the car, doesn’t that mean you’re giving, say, a kind of guarantee of safety and security for passengers.

3. Use drivers who are experts and trusted

My advice, you must be selective in choosing a driver. Try to find a driver who is honest, friendly to passengers, and experienced.

Regarding salary for drivers, sometimes you don’t have to pay them a monthly salary. Because, usually, there are those who are willing to be freelance. Of course this is a good start for your business.

4. Diligently promote your business online and offline

Say you have created your own business entity, then the next step is that you have to be diligent in promoting. Because, by doing promotions, more people will know about the business you just created.

In doing promotions, use two ways: via online and offline. Via online, for example through websites and social media, while offline, for example, just try to make brochures, billboards and banners. And if you can, you can make your own office that is strategically located. Call it on the edge of an urban road for example.

5. Prepare mentally

The climax is mental strengthening. Although this business is quite profitable, the more you come here, the more competition. That’s what made me can not stand at that time.

I’ve done various ways so that my business continues to grow, my mental climax is down because the competitor’s capital is bigger than the capital I spend.

The advantages and disadvantages of the car travel business in my experience

1. Testimonials from passengers say that car travel is safer. Because the number of passengers is limited

2. Get a lot of loyal customers when our business is in order. Starting from service, driver, and car cleaning

3. We can set the departure time as we like

4. This business is like traveling, drivers can go anywhere because most passengers ask to be delivered to the front of their house directly

5. The capital that we spend will be covered after two months of doing this business. Originally, we are good at managing finances. Arrange the fare, make the driver, and make the rest ourselves

Car travel business tips

Let me direct how to make this business gain a lot of money. Watch carefully.

1. Expand relationships

Even though it has been promoted via online and offline, you still have to increase your relationship with many passengers.

Embrace your passengers to use your services continuously. Give them a discount if they manage to invite other passengers.

2. Share your contacts with multiple passengers

Not only company contacts, drivers’ contacts or identity cards are also distributed to passengers. This is the best promotional strategy to get closer to the passengers.

3. Anyway, make the best possible comfort for the passengers

Instruct your driver not to smoke in the car. Be courteous to passengers. And deliver it right at the passenger’s destination.


Once again I say that, never hesitate to open a car travel business. You can see at this time, many people are concerned with comfort rather than jostling with other passengers.

And most of the people who use travel, are people elite. So, of course this business will be profitable for you as long as you really live it. Many of my colleagues have had success in this business. And may you feel that success too.

Hope it is useful!