Cause CoComelon Can ‘Hypnotize’ Children, Does It Really Make Your Little One Talk Late?

Jakarta – If you are active on social media, you must have seen short videos on TikTok or Instagram about the baby’s response to the rhythm of the intro of the CoComelon show.

Most children will immediately react, look for the source of the sound, and immediately engrossed in staring at the screen watching the event.

In addition to making children calm, some mothers also admit that watching CoComelon can reduce the level of tantrums in children. How is that possible, Mother and are there any side effects for its development? Check out the following explanation.

CoComelon attraction

According to experts, what makes CoComelon seem to be able to hypnotize children is the combination of 3D animation display, repetitive cheerful children’s songs, and bright colors that attract attention.

“It’s natural for babies, toddlers, or preschoolers to be attracted to this show because it’s a new multisensory experience for them,” explains Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D., a psychologist as quoted by Romper.

“Kids are very attracted by the bright visuals featuring faces with big eyes, fun simple music, and dynamic movements on the screen,” he said.

The reason why CoComelon is more liked than other shows, according to him, is because this show is fun but not overwhelming. So the composition is suitable for children.

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Then what if you feel worried if your little one seems too fond of watching CoComelon?

No need to worry Mother, no need to feel guilty if your little one really likes the event. Because, it can be an opportunity for Mother to rest for a while so that the body is more relaxed.

You can give your little one about 20 minutes to watch CoComelon while you can do other things. If there is an accusation that CoComelon is the cause of a child’s speech delay or tantrums easily, that’s not entirely true.

Clinical psychologist from Children’s Hospital in Alabama Daniel Marullo, Ph.D., says, “There are several studies studying the link between exposure to gadgets and children’s social and language development, in children 1-3 years, it has nothing to do.”

For children that age, social and language development will be obtained from direct interaction, Mother. Click on the next page, Mom.

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