Causes of Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy & 5 Ways to Relieve It

Pregnancy and pregnancy can be both happy and challenging moments. During pregnancy, you will feel many changes in your body, including some aches and pains caused by pregnancy. One of them is the tailbone pain during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women complain of pain or pain in this area. In fact, a sore or sore tailbone is a common occurrence during pregnancy.

Over time, the fetus grows larger and pushes against your tailbone, which is located at the back end. Of course, this development will turn into a very painful feeling. Then the pain will increase until the months before delivery.

In fact, pain in the tailbone can still be felt after giving birth.

Causes of tailbone pain during pregnancy

So, what exactly makes the tailbone painful during pregnancy? Here are some reasons according to First Cry Parenting.

1. Hormones

During the first trimester, your body will release relaxin and estrogen which are responsible for relaxing the pelvic area. Meanwhile, the ligaments in the abdominal area create a place for the baby to stretch.

As a result of this condition, pain in the tailbone is a common thing for pregnant women.

2. Babies grow big

The little one that you are carrying will grow bigger every month. Especially during the second and third trimesters, the baby will begin to push the bone that is just behind the uterus.

Well, this little push from your little one makes Mother’s tailbone hurt. In fact, the pain will continue to increase until delivery.

3. Other causes

Some other causes that can cause your tailbone to hurt during pregnancy are various activities where your body does physical work.

Such as walking, cycling, or other strenuous activities. Activities as simple as standing or sitting can cause pain. For that, at this stage you need to be careful in all activities.

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How to relieve tailbone pain during pregnancy

After you know the various causes, now know how to relieve the pain! Here’s how to relieve tailbone pain during pregnancy as quoted from Braces Ability.

1. Sleep on your left side

Mother can try to tilt the sleeping position to the left. This is done because it is good for your circulation and digestion, with a pillow between your knees.

The pain that you feel will slowly decrease by simply changing your sleeping position.

2. Exercise regularly

Haven’t you exercised yet? It may be a good idea to try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. If you have access to a swimming pool, then swimming can be the most suitable sport.

In addition, brisk walking is also another option, besides yoga. In addition to exercising your muscles, you will limit stress on your back and encourage better pelvic movement so that it can relieve muscle pain.

3. Maintain ideal body weight

Mothers are advised to avoid excessive weight gain when

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Excessive weight gain can put strain on the lower back and other body tissues. In addition, drastic weight gain will make childbirth not easy.

4. Try to sit up straight

If you often arch your lower back or slump forward when sitting, you’d better stop doing that habit. Sitting in this position will have an impact on the spine and other related tissues.

So, every time you sit down, make sure you sit in an upright position. Feet flat on the ground, back just slightly arched with neck straight.

You can practice sitting up straight by sitting on a ball, or if available, using a posture support.

5. Avoid heavy lifting

Lifting gallons, gas, and so on will affect the back tissues and joints. But if you have to, make sure you can lift it properly and ask the closest person for help.

That’s the reason why the tailbone can hurt during pregnancy and tips to relieve it. Hope it is useful.

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