CAUTION, WordPress Data Disappears Instantly

There is no doubt that a website service called WordPress is familiar to many people. WordPress managed to occupy the top position and lead marketshare CMS usage according to The background of WordPress users is also known from various circles, both from WordPress users who are already proficient in the IT world and even beginners. Various considerations in using WordPress are also worth considering. Several advantages such as ease of operation are also one of its own plus points for WordPress users.

One important thing that is always inherent in the use of WordPress services is the stored data. The data can be in the form of articles that have or have not been published, to SEO content that has been created since the beginning of WordPress creation. Imagine if we are a blogger who started a career in writing from scratch and has occupied a stable position in the world of bloggers. Of course, the credibility of a blogger is of course judged based on the content and also feedback from readers who are judged from time to time from the WordPress.

Have we ever imagined if one day all the content that we have created, even the draft data in our WordPress service, is lost in an instant due to cloud server problems. This problem once occurred and became a hot topic of discussion right in September 2016. At that time, suddenly in an instant the data stored in the cloud server was gone and nothing was left. Of course this does not only have an impact on the company that owns the cloud server service but also has a major impact on its users. All users of the cloud server service lose all data in an instant and have no data backup.

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So, what is the solution?

Just as WordPress user data is a valuable thing, this is directly proportional to the importance of that data as an asset. In line with current technological developments, WordPress Hosting is here which provides more services for you to automatically backup data. On regular hosting, backups are only possible every 30 days, and the number is only 1 and represents data from 30 days ago. Meanwhile, your wordpress website is always updated every day. Our Managed WordPress Hosting, allows you to perform daily backups. So you no longer need to worry about data on WordPress services that will suddenly disappear without a trace.

What are you waiting for?