Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur.

Starting to become an entrepreneur must be with a dream, but without action, you are only dreaming!


Many people today want to be entrepreneurs. However, they sometimes stop halfway, or even back off before starting. They don’t know how, or are afraid of failure, they tend to be afraid of getting out of their “safe zone”. To be sure they have a great fear hanging in their heads.

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An entrepreneur has the following characteristics:

  • 1. Good at managing his strength
  • 2. Have a “view” that is different from others
  • 3.True marketer
  • 4. Go against the tide and love new challenges
  • 5.High determination (have high determination)
  • 6. Not accepting what is in front of him and always looking for the best.

Traits of a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Have realistic and high dreams

  2. Has four basic characters that support each other

    -able to conquer his own fear
    – tenacious and easy to rise from adversity
    -never give up
    -risk manager

  3. Loves challenges and is never satisfied with what you get

  4. Have strong ambition and motivation

  5. Has a strong belief in his abilities that “he can”

  6. A visionary and have high creativity

  7. Risk manager, not just risk taker

  8. Have a strong emotional attachment (mesional strength)

  9. A problem solver

  10. Able to sell and market their products

  11. He gets bored easily and seems like an unruly person

  12. A great creator.

So a successful entrepreneur can be a very strong magnet to the people around him, or a “communicable disease” virus that has its own charm, but few people are able to imitate in his footsteps and achieve it!


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“In business there is a soul and has an entrepreneurial character that is rarely possessed by others, but it can be learned”

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