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So the story is that the Korean Air KE628 plane that I was riding from Jakarta to Seoul landed at 7 am at Incheon Airport. All sorts of things sorted out, only 8 o’clock could come out. And based on my advanced ticket, to go to Jeju we must at least 1 pm at Gimpo, the domestic airport in Seoul.

I thought, when you go to Korea, don’t you go to downtown Seoul? Where else in November autumn is beautiful like this.

Near Gimpo Airport

In Incheon there is a free tour around Seoul and its surroundings. From one hour to five hours. But the timing didn’t match my flight to Jeju during the day.

Finally we headed to Gimpo Airport first and left the luggage at the safe (6000 won for 4 hours) and headed straight to downtown Seoul which turned out to take quite a long time about 30-40 minutes.

Autumn vibes

The result of quick googling, we found a village in the middle of Seoul that has mural paintings. Ihwa Mural village.

The way there is to take the MRT and get off at Hyewa station. Then walk about 500 meters which is slightly uphill to get to this village.

On the way to the village, there was a city park by the roadside, where I saw my first autumn leaves. Ah, it turns out that autumn is indeed fun. In the middle of the day, the weather is around 12-15 degrees Celsius, so even walking will not be stifling.

We also ran after the transit time which was only a few hours to enjoy Seoul. Even though the chase is like running manbut I’m happy :’)

Photo with sis Marischka Prue
Naksan Park where this mural village is located
My first autumn!
The leaves are so beautiful
Ihwa Mural Village
Can you please..
The leaves are really autumn, guys!
Can you feel the autumn vibe?
It’s cool..
Om bolang, Sis Prue, my hair is ridiculous, and mas squid
Running to catch a plane to Jeju.

Pssst! Thank you KTO Jakarta for crossing one off my bucket list to see autumn!

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