Chat with Irene, Tips to Become a Lifestyle Influencer (PinkTravelogue)

Today’s inspiration is Irene Natalia Komala, commonly called Irene. A travel and lifestyle blogger/influencer with her blog entitled PinkTravelogue.

Visual Communication Design graduate from Tarumanagara University. Irene started traveling when I was 25 years old because I wasn’t free to travel before.

Irene’s Principle,better late than never and it’s never too late to travel, right?” Since then, the influencer has summarized this beautiful blogger writing her travel notes on the blog.

Irene’s hobby is watching the beauty of the sky and climbing mountains, you can see the photos on Irene’s Instagram right away!

Chat with Irene, Tips to Become a Lifestyle Influencer (PinkTravelogue)
Hiking on Mount Papandayan

Why are you interested in starting a blog?

In the past, my blog was filled with stories from high school students, something like diary so. Then when I first started traveling, I wrote just as a memory.

To remember that I’ve been to that place, I’ve done something in that place. Basically I want to share experiences and information about interesting things I’ve tried.

The second reason, I used to want to take part in a competition to win a prize to Japan, the requirement is to have an active blog for at least 3 months with a minimum of 10 articles.

Unfortunately at that time I was just starting a blog, so I didn’t take part in the competition. But I believe one day blogs can take me to other places.

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What style of dress and make up do you prefer?

My style is actually simple and uncomplicated, make-up also natural look just. But usually I have list of outfits which I use for every destination. So when you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to think about it outfit again.

Oh yes, I also brought a nightgown that can also be used for activities. So, if one day I run out of clothes, I can use those sleepwear.

Where have you traveled? What is your favorite destination and why?

In Indonesia, I have traveling to Medan, Bali, Belitung, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Banyuwangi, Malang. My favorite destination so far is Lake Toba in Medan because I finally got to see the Biggest Lake in Southeast Asia, a legend that I only heard when I was in elementary school.

Lake Toba is so beautiful and charming. What’s more I got a chance traveling with my idol, Rikas Harsa. An unforgettable experience!

Abroad, I have visited Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Korea was the first overseas destination I’ve ever visited and it was also the first time my mom and I saw snow.

But Japan is also my favorite destination, because finally I can go to Japan for free together Food Blogger Snack’s son and my husband because we won the competition.

PinkTravelogue and Rikas Harsa
With Rikas Harsa

interview pinktravelogue
With Snacks

What fashion items or beauty items should you have in your suitcase or take with you when traveling?

Moment traveling, I always carry sunglasses and a hat. In addition to protecting ourselves from the sun, these two objects can support our appearance. I also always carry outfit white wherever I go because it’s a neutral color and easy to mix and match.

We should also survey the destination and adjust outfit which will be used so that it does not saltum. I also brought sling bag a small box that usually contains a cellphone, wallet, ticket, passport (if going abroad), and an ID card, making it easier to store and retrieve when needed.

For beauty itemswhat I must bring is sunscreen, tonermoisturizer, BB creamlip balmfacial cleanser, and hair tie. skin care and make-up what I brought travel size in a pouchthus saving space in the bag.

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In your opinion, as a lifestyle blogger, what advantages should you have?

In general, as blogger we must continue to hone our skills; writing skills, photography, videography, SEO understanding, and others. At least we understand skills these standards so that our content is more interesting. A blogger it must be patient because the process is not instant.

We must also be able to adapt to the environment in order to build networking the good one. Often, job what is offered is the result networking itself. Establish relationships and collaborations to develop self-potential.

Can you share tips on how to be confident in front of the camera?

Try practicing in front of a mirror. Smile, move your head, pose in the mirror and see angle your best. You can also look for photo references on pinterest, about what style and angle nice and appropriate photo style you.

use outfit comfortable, use or add properties when posing, and think of fun things so that mood you get good. No need to care about people who see you posing, just focus on your style to complement the content you will create.

pinktravelogue lifestyle influencer
tips to be an influencer

What application do you use to edit photos on your blog or Instagram?

For photo editing, I usually use Adobe Photoshop and Vsco, to add clouds I can use the Picnic application, for video editing, I still use Inshot, to adjust photo feed instagram beforeuploadI use the UNUM application.

To create an interesting IG story or design, you can also use Canva. Even though I’m a design kid, Canva makes it quite easy to create various designs that support our blog as well. Have you ever tried?

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Tips for novice content creators so that brands can glance at them to work with?

Recently, content creator it’s quite broad in scope. We can create content through blogs, instagram, twitter, facebook, tiktok, and youtube.

Initially, it would be better if we determine the niche / field that we like. Then fill platform these, for example Instagram with content related to niche appropriate passion our. For example field food, fashion, beauty, travel, gamingand others.

These contents are our portfolio that the brand sees first. What impression do we want to show, that’s first impression brand to you. Are you on target and style the brand.

My first experience working with brands was because they saw my blog which was judged to be suitable for them. At first, I signed up on the agency platform, then I was consistent upload photo on instagram.

Over time, there will be times when we are contacted by brands. Include email at bio profile so that it is easier for brands or agencies to contact us. Be patient and keep working!

Have you had any exciting experiences as a blogger/influencer?

Exciting experience, of course meeting with friends from various provinces and professions, can get privilege to try a new place or product. Meeting idols and getting things I never expected before.

In a eventsI met travel blogger who inspired me like Satya Winnie and Arif Rahman for example. I also got a chance to meet beauty blogger Abel Cantika in event trip Nivea Beauty Cruise and Emina End Year Party. I never thought that this profession could lead me to extraordinary things.

A message for friends who want to start a lifestyle blogger/influencer?

Just be yourself. Everyone can be an influencer/blogger even from any profession. Don’t create content out of compulsion, do your best at everything.

Branding self appropriate passion-mu, don’t follow other people. Create useful and informative content because that’s what they need. Interact and share positive things on social media. Stay consistent and passionate!

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