Cheap Ways To Offer Services

Become a freelancer it is not an easy job. You need to attract clients to continue using the services you offer. It’s not enough to stop there, the more clients who know your services, the better the job development will be freelance what you do. One way that you can get a lot of clients is to market or offer services freelance. An easy way that you can do is to introduce your services to the closest people such as friends or other acquaintances. An inexpensive, professional way to offer services freelance you someone else is learning Instagram marketing.

Why learn Instagram marketing called the cheap professional way? Because this method is a method that is also widely used by reliable business people. Instagram marketing has become an alternative digital marketing promising in the midst of the high use of social media Instagram. However, you don’t need to worry, friend! This professional method does not require a pocket-draining fee, really. The costs needed can still be borne by freelancer beginner to freelancer professional.

let's learn instagram marketing
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Create a business Instagram account

The first step to learning Instagram marketing is to create a business Instagram account. You will need an Instagram account that is specifically for business, not a personal Instagram account like you usually use on a daily basis. Okay, let’s start learning Instagram marketing from here:

  1. Create a business Instagram account

How to create a business Instagram account is the same as how to create a regular Instagram account. You can do the process sign

up by entering personal data e-mail and password. After the account is successfully created, go to the settings section and click menu “Switch to Business Account”. Next you will be asked to enter some information such as a business phone number.

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  1. Set username or your business account username. Make sure you use a username that matches brand or the services you offer. An example of a good username would be @translatedarilily for freelancer named Lily with the services offered are translation services. Another example is @tulisanrangga for freelance writer named Ranga. You need to enter the type of service and your name so that people can better understand that the account is a person’s account freelancer In what field. This account can also be your portfolio, friend.
  2. Use profile photos that represent services freelance you.

After having a business Instagram account, we continue to learn about Instagram marketing next. The basics of Instagram marketing is two tools this,

insights and promote. Insight tools is tools which you can use to view important information about your business account. From tools this, you can see the range and engagement each upload. You can also find out some demographic information of the audience. Promotion tool is a facility from Instagram to advertise your uploads. Even though it looks simple, advertising on Instagram has a pretty big impact, you know. You can also aim at certain groups as targets audience your ad. You can take the target circle based on the results of the analysis from insights.

Instagram marketing tips and tricks

There are some tips and tricks that you can try to apply on Instagram marketing.

  1. Upload posts that match the target market
  2. Use attractive visualization
  3. Apply writing technique caption alluring
  4. choose hashtags appropriate
  5. Strengthen Instagram presence you
  6. Take advantage of IG Stories

You can learn more about these tips and tricks if you are really interested in doing marketing on Instagram. If you want to learn about business, you can read articles from Hosting Expert, The best hosting service provider in Indonesia. You can also read other article topics such as technology and other topics that you may be interested in.


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