Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

samsung galaxy a12 photo results

The proliferation of camera phones has made this mobile phone brand enthusiastic to participate in enlivening the production of camera phones. One of the products that introduced the camera is Samsung Galaxy A12. You can see the camera quality of this phone by looking at the Samsung A12 Camera Photo Results.

Since the first, Samsung has been known as a brand that has quite a lot of competitors. However, the price does seem higher than other types of phones with almost the same specifications. However, the Samsung Galaxy A12 type phone tends to follow its competitors, which is only priced at 2 million. Interesting isn’t it?

With 2 million you can bring home a Samsung A12 phone that has 4 camera specifications. For those of you who like photography, of course this is very unfortunate if you don’t have it. With a price that is quite cheap but the quality is not cheap, it is clear that there are many enthusiasts.

In addition to discussing a review of the specifications and interesting features of the Samsung A12 tie, we will also insert some photos taken by the camera during activities both indoors and outdoors, you can check right away.

The 4 cameras owned by this phone consist of four parts. First, 48 MP with f/2.0, 26mm (wide), with AF. Then second, 5 MP with f/2.2, 123˚ (ultrawide), third 2 MP, f/2.4, (macro), and the last 2 MP with f/2.4. There are also excellent features such as Slow Motion, Timelapse, and Night Mode.

Main Camera Results

The colors are sharp and clear, the point is pretty good, you can see for yourself the photo images from the Samsung A12 camera below.

samsung a12 main camera

Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

Ultra Wide Camera Test

Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

The results are not as sharp as the main camera, but the color gradation is quite okay.

Macro Camera Photo

Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

This is the result of a macro photo from the Samsung A12 camera, which is not as clear and sharp as the macro camera on the other Samsung A series.

Not only the rear camera is shown, the Samsung A12 phone is also equipped with a front camera with a capacity of 8 Mega pixels. Not bad for selfie use already looks bright with maximum lighting.

So it is undeniable that whether or not the results of the Samsung A12 camera photos are good can be seen from the images that have been produced and the camera holder. For the main camera, the largest will certainly be able to produce maximum images, different when compared to the capacity of the secondary camera.

You can try to explore with the additional features provided by this phone in the camera section. Because if that’s not the case, how can you find out how the Samsung A12 Camera Photo Results are.

The difference in the capacity of the main camera and others shows a difference in the focus you can do. If you use a 48 Megapixel camera you can easily determine the shooting focus which will later produce clearer images compared to the secondary camera on this phone.

Unlike the secondary camera, you can see the results of the Samsung A12 camera tend to be less focused due to the lack of camera capacity in capturing images. Not only that, when shooting the target moving will be a little difficult for you.

Selfie Camera Results

Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

The front camera will produce smooth images, especially when showing the face, our skin becomes smoother like there are no pimples. It’s really cool to use it for today’s young generation.

Low Light

Check and Review Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Photo Results

Camera results at night are still okay as long as they get enough light.

As for the settings, the choices are also quite limited, so it takes a little creativity when taking pictures so that the results are satisfactory. Although limited but still reliable.

One of the favorite features of many people to get the Samsung Galaxy A12 camera photos that are bokeh and also focus on the subject, can use the live focus feature. This feature can be applied to take pictures that you want to focus on. Although ideally for taking pictures of people, but if you want to take pictures of animals or plants it can still be used.

In addition to taking pictures, you can also use the camera from this phone to take videos. However, pay attention to taking it, you should use the main camera with 48 MP capability. Because the ability to capture moving images will look more perfect when compared to cameras with capabilities below.

Not only that, taking pictures or videos with the right camera selection will affect the Samsung A12 Camera Photo Results. Therefore, choose the main camera when using it. It’s just that there is no stabilizer feature so when recording our hands a lot of motion the results are not very smooth, but in terms of video sharpness there is no doubt.

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Well maybe that’s the case regarding the review of photos from the Samsung A12 camera, so hopefully it can be a benchmark for the needs of your chosen photography cellphone.

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