Check out 5 Powerful Tips to Increase Grades in Semester 2 – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who is always there for all of you, in this review Mimin will discuss 5 powerful tips to increase grades in semester 2.

There must be some Zone Friends who are not satisfied with the results of the other semester, for that Mimin provides useful tips for you, let’s see the following tips, happy reading!

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Thinking with a Growth Mindset

Illustration of growth mindset thinking (Photo: Glints)

To improve grades in semester 2, first you must have a way of thinking growth mindset or the typical person who doesn’t give up easily. People with this character are usually more inclined to think positively about their abilities, are also able to improve themselves by seeing their weaknesses.

Mostly with a way of thinking growth mindset this, or believe that one’s ability is dynamic. Zone Friend will be more optimistic to catch up with the marks this semester

More Active in Class and Complete Assignments

Illustration of active students in class (Photo: Idntimes)

Try this semester you become an active student in the class, by frequently asking questions and also completing assignments on time. During class, whether it’s online or offline, whoever the lecturer is, don’t be afraid to ask questions about material that you don’t understand.

Because they often ask questions, it makes the lecturers happy and glances at Friend Zone. It can also add value to the activity in the classroom. Don’t forget to always submit assignments on time, even though they are not checked as a whole, but usually the lecturers still write down who submitted the assignments first.

Don’t just memorize the material but understand the material

Illustration of understanding the material (Photo: Idntimes)

Memorizing is sometimes a surefire way for someone to face an exam or test. But this method is not the right way for students because it is not effective, sometimes using this method even on the day of the exam, Buddy Zone forgets all the material.

For that, a more effective way is for you to understand the material, if you really understand the material, it will be very easy to repeat. It does not even rule out the possibility that you can do the questions easily.

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Stop Relying on Friends

Illustration of stopping relying on friends (Photo: Hipwee)

If during the first semester yesterday Friend Zone always relied on better friends from now on stop. Never rely on friends for assignments, exams, and more. Because it will not train your brain to think, even though this is where your brain runs.

It doesn’t matter if the assignment is wrong or not quite right, at least you’ve tried your best. Surely the lecturer will understand it, because the answer is different from the others. Learn to believe in yourself too.

Study on Time

Illustration of time (Photo: Idntimes)

Because Zone Buddy is still a student, learning is the main task, so maximize your study time. Don’t just focus on studying when you’re about to take an exam, or study in your spare time. From now on, leave this habit.

Try to divide study hours in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Learn at those three times, it’s okay a little as long as what you learn understands and is easy to enter the brain. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just fine.

Check out 5 Powerful Tips to Increase Grades in Semester 2

Friend Zone, those are 5 powerful tips that can increase the value of Zone Buddy in semester 2 later, good luck. Mimin say goodbye, don’t miss it!

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