Check out 5 Tips for Anti Late Suhoor – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Hey, where’s the sleeper who stays up late? Because this is the month of Ramadan as much as possible, don’t wake up late. Well Mimin wants to give you 5 tips for anti-late dawn. Usually, those who like to be late for sahur are the boarding students who wait for copies. Come on, so you won’t be late for sahur, read the following tips from Mimin!

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Pay attention to sleep hours

Illustration Pay attention to sleep hours (Photo: Sehatalami)

So that you don’t miss eating sahur, pay attention to your sleeping hours. Don’t sleep too late because you risk waking up late later. During the month of Ramadan, try to go to bed earlier, so you can wake up faster too.

Better, go to bed before 10 pm. Give the body the opportunity to rest enough so that the body is fresh when you wake up for sahur. Adequate sleep also makes you not tempted to go back to sleep after sahur.

Set Alarm

Illustration of Alarm Set (Photo: Youtube)

Don’t forget to update too fake alarm during fasting month. Also make sure the alarm is not placed too close to the sleeping position. If you get too close, you will find it easy to turn it off when it beeps, and be tempted to go back to sleep. Better to put the alarm on the table, which makes us have to get out of bed to turn it off.


Illustration of fasting intention (Photo: Detiknews)

Before going to bed, make sure the intention in yourself is to wake up early and do sahur. Intentions are like alarms set in the subconscious. Don’t forget to also pray before going to bed and read the intention of fasting. So that if tomorrow you forget not to read your intention, last night you read it.

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Family Cooperation

Illustration of family collaboration (Photo: Kumparan)

Friend Zone also needs cooperation with other family members so that it is not too late to eat sahur. Ask whoever in the house wakes up first to wake other family members who haven’t woken up yet. That would be very helpful.

Prepare Menu in Advance

Illustration Prepare the menu in advance (Photo: Linetoday)

It’s good, the food ingredients that you want to process for the sahur menu have been prepared in advance from the night before. Vegetables have been cut, spices have been mixed, etc. So, when the Zone Buddy wakes up for sahur, it only takes a minute to prepare the sahur menu.

Check out 5 Tips for Anti Late Suhoor

Friend Zone, those were 5 tips for anti late sahur, hopefully it will be useful and happy fasting.

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