Check out 5 ways to take care of mother-in-law’s tongue plants so they don’t rot and dry quickly


Mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the ornamental plants that is quite popular among plant lovers. The plant, also known as the snake plant, has stiff, sword-shaped leaves that range in size from 15 centimeters to more or less up to eight feet.

If you are looking for a suitable ornamental plant to decorate your home, maybe the mother-in-law’s tongue will be the best choice for you. Plants with scientific names Dracaena trifascia it is also easy to maintain.

Besides being useful as an ornamental plant, this plant also has various health benefits. Therefore, you need to include the mother-in-law’s tongue plant in the list of ornamental plants that you will choose.

Mother-in-law’s tongue can survive low light levels, does not need daily watering, and most importantly is kept away from insects. How to care for the right mother-in-law’s tongue plant? Come on, see the following, yes mother.

How to care for mother-in-law’s tongue plant

To help you take care of your mother-in-law’s tongue plant, there are a few things you need to pay attention to when caring for your mother-in-law’s tongue plant. Check out the explanation as summarized from the following sources:

1. Lighting

Putting it in a place that is not famous for direct sunlight is the best choice, Mom. This is because the mother-in-law’s tongue plant prefers indirect light.

Although this plant can adapt to direct sunlight, if it is too long this plant can become dull and the leaves will wilt a little.

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2. Land

Launching from The Spruce, this plant will grow well in more sandy soil. You can use planting media with low peat content. Peat can work well in many situations, but it can become dense and sometimes have drying problems.

3. Watering

Too much water is a weakness of this plant. So, avoid watering it excessively so as not to cause rotting of the roots, Mother. You can water it when the soil is really dry.

4. Temperature and humidity

This plant prefers warm temperatures, and will suffer from temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. You can place this plant in a temperature range between 21 to 32 degrees Celsius.

5. Fertilizer

Launching from Gardening Know HowYou can give a little all-purpose fertilizer if the plant is in a pot. In addition to how to treat, know also the benefits of the mother-in-law’s tongue plant.

What are the benefits of mother-in-law’s tongue plant for health? Read more on the next page, yes, Mother.

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