Check out 6 Powerful Ways to Copy Paste in Microsoft Word, 99% Anti-Discovery! – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin is back with tips that make it easier for all of you who are working with college assignment deadlines, namely 6 powerful ways to copy and paste in Microsoft Word. Often we get assignments with this format, and it is possible that your lecturer will check whether your results are obtained through copy-paste or not.

Check out some ways to outsmart it!

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Copy the Copy Paste Results to Notepad First

Notepad app image (Photo: My Rambling Thoughts)

When we copy and paste, we often just copy it to Word which causes your writing to not change from the previous blog or source. It could be messy spacing, inappropriate paragraphs, different fonts, and so on.

Therefore, you have to copy it to Notepad first. After that, copy it back into Microsoft Word and edit it according to the format of your assignment.

Remove Default Links from Source

Example of a link that was carried along when copying and paste (Photo: Student Zone Team Document)

Karen is in a hurry to copy and paste, students often don’t notice that there are links carried over from previous sources. Or what Mimin most often encounters is a “read too” link that leads to links to other sources.

This carried away source will be clearly visible in your Microsoft Word assignments, because the formatting and even the color will look different from the rest of the text. Therefore, remove the link so that your task is not visible from the copy paste results.

Copy to New Word Document

Illustration of copy paste in new Word (Photo: SUPERMAN SOLUTION)

In friendship, we often help each other to do college assignments. One of them is to allow friends to copy and paste assignments or edit them partially so they don’t get too caught.

However, you also have to be more observant, especially in the “author” section of the author in Microsoft Word. Your task will be found out only to copy and paste from a friend if the author of your assignment turns out to be the same person.

Mimin’s tip is to copy it into a new Word document, then edit the writing in the document, so that the author that appears is your own name and automatically differs from the friend who was asked for the task. It’s safe, from the suspicions of lecturers and teachers. Hehehe…

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Take from Various Sources

Sample bibliography (Photo: Bibliography Example)

Your task will be very visible copy and paste if the sentence structure and contents are really related to each other with a clear style of language. By taking various sources, your lecturers and teachers will consider your assignment good, because the content comes from various sources.

Support this by adding a bibliography to make it more visible “intentions” in the process.

Save Files with Long Term

Example Properties with assignments that look like they’ve been done for a long time (Photo: Student Zone Team)

For a very careful lecturer, he will see in the Properties menu your assignment. There will appear when you complete the task along with the minutes and hours. If you work on the same day with hours and minutes that are not much different, then he will immediately suspect that the task is the result of copypaste.

Buddy Zone can work around this by saving the file a few hours later after making edits, so that the task looks long stored, as well as the work in the long term.

Musing the Paraphrasing Technique

Illustration of paraphrasing technique (Photo: Yahoo News)

The safest way even if you are in a hurry to do a task is to use a paraphrasing technique. The trick is to copy and paste all material from blogs or other sources, then paraphrase by replacing, adding, and completing anything that is lacking in the text that you copy and paste.

However, if you are in a hurry, Zone Friends can use the paraphrasing site from the following link to help you if it is very urgent.

Check out 6 Powerful Ways to Copy Paste in Microsoft Word, 99% Anti-Discovery!

Alright, Zone Buddy! A few reviews from Mimin about a powerful way to copy and paste in Microsoft Word. These tips are indeed very useful for those of you who are working on a tight deadline. However, don’t do it too often, so that you also learn and don’t just always rely on copy and paste in doing assignments.

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website notification for other interesting information about lectures and students. See you later!

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