Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Honda PCX 160

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of Honda PCX 160

the advantages of honda pcx 160

Every motorcycle, no matter how good, must have advantages and disadvantages, it’s just that consumers can consider for our needs more advantages or disadvantages. Before we finally decide to buy a vehicle, it is mandatory that apart from knowing the price, reviews about products such as the Honda PCX 160 which will be the material for our review this time.

History says that the presence of the PCX began around 2010, at that time it was still a 125 cc engine. The presence of this automatic scooter (scooter) is nothing but a competitor to its rival, the Yamaha NMAX. gambot It has just started to get busy and sell well in the market since 2020 and 2021.

Maybe you are even more curious about the Honda PCX 160 which is equipped with a new engine, eSP +, liquid-cooled, 4-valve, and SOHC. Moreover, the capacity is also increasing to 156 cc with the maximum quiet produced reaching 15.7 PS at 8,500 rpm. Furthermore, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Honda PCX

1. Luxurious Design

The first is that the Honda PCX looks luxurious in terms of its body design which is full of curves and an attractive muscular shape. For us, what looks unique is the stop lamp and turn signal design because the shape resembles the letter ‘X’, it is also full of LEDs. Then on the very special fascian with a shape resembling a shark, making this bike even sharper to the eye.

2. Many Features

The advantage of the next PCX scooter is that it has many features. As for the sophisticated facilities of the motorbike, such as the presence of hazard lights, there is also a smart key system which is a feature that replaces conventional keys with multifunctional remote technology. The key technology has three features at once, namely: Immobilizer, Answer Back and Alarm anti-theft (anti-theft).

Braking system ABS This (Anti Lock Braking System) already exists on PCX, although this is also owned by its rival Yamaha Nmax, but there is a combi brake system that Nmax does not have.

3. Superior Performance

At the heart of the PCX mechanic is quite superior, how not with the latest mechanical eSP + PCX 160 producing the best performance. The new engine uses four valves capable of incised power of 15.2 PS @ 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 14.7 Nm @ 6500 rpm.

4. Fuel Efficiency Support

Plus the ISS (Idling Stop System) technology, a technology that is able to turn off the engine automatically when the engine is on but not in use. For example, when we are at a red light for a long time, the engine will turn off automatically and turn on again just by turning the gas on. This feature can also be adjusted to the needs that can be activated or deactivated via the switch to the right of the handlebar panel.

The next fuel efficiency is ACG Starter which functions to reduce vibration when starting the engine, it can reduce fuel oil consumption, due to the decompression system that makes it easier for the piston to work.

5. Wide Luggage

It turns out that the PCX 160 luggage is a distinct advantage with a capacity of 28.8 liters. Indeed, the ability to carry luggage is not in doubt. Of course, with such a width it is certain to fit a helmet and various other vehicle equipment that is easily tucked in.

On the other hand, PCX has a drawer on the left of the dashboard that we can close, it also has a power outlet that has DC current with a maximum power of 12 volts. There is still a small space left that can be used by motorists to store gloves, masks, or put down their cellphones.

Disadvantages of Honda PCX

No Device Connectivity Available

For those who don’t know, the device’s connectivity features are useful for connecting smartphones and the Communication Control Unit (CCU) via a bluetooth network and the Y-Connct application. That way the motorcycle owner can see phone notifications, emails and messages. To find out maintenance recommendations, fuel consumption, malfunction notifications, Eco Riding information, Revs Dashboard to the location of parked motorbikes. Unfortunately the Honda PCX has not been given this feature.

Latest Honda PCX Price

Type Price (Rp)
PCX – CBS 30,845,000
PCX – ABS 34,445,000
PCX e:HEV 43,650,000

The final word

With the above review, we have known some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda PCX 160 that you may have wanted for a long time. Our conclusion is that with the many advantages compared to the disadvantages, it is very feasible for us to fight for the future, but again, consider your needs, because something that is forced is not good.

Okay, so many reviews from us, hopefully this is useful, thank you.

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