Check out the Right Way to Pass Thesis in just 3 Months – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin wants to give tips for final students, especially, namely the right way to pass a thesis in just 3 months. Sometimes you want to graduate quickly but don’t know how, or you want to graduate quickly but are lazy.

Thesis is a student’s final project, which you must do for graduation requirements. Unless you study at an independent campus, they have other formulas besides thesis. But don’t worry, Mimin will give you a quick way to finish the thesis, let’s just take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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1st month

Illustration of working on thesis (Photo: Ipadguides)

The creation of Chapters 1-3 in the first month Zone Buddies can search for phenomena first. The easiest way to find phenomena is to do chapter 2 first, then chapter 1 and finally chapter 3.

Why is that? Because by knowing chapter 2 (the indicator of the thesis variable) it will be easier for you Zone to choose what data is right for the thesis background.

You must also remember, chapters 1 to 3 are chapters that are prone to plagiarism citations, so it is necessary to review the citations and bibliography again.

2nd month

Illustration of a questionnaire (Photo: Themoondogies)

In month 2, Sobat Zona will focus more on distributing questionnaires, collecting data from respondents, tabulating research data, analyzing research data, and finally starting chapter 4.

This month, you really have to work extra, but it doesn’t matter in order to achieve the predetermined thesis target. Indeed, going through everything is not as easy as imagined, but rest assured that you can do it.

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3rd month

Illustration of rereading thesis (Photo:

Entering the last month, Zone Friends should be more focused on chapters 4 and 5, and pay attention to the writing of the thesis, italics, table names, image names, data sources, quotes, typos from cover to attachments.

The point is in this last month, you have to be really careful and check the whole thing. Is what you compiled from beginning to end correct? If there is still something wrong, immediately fix it, while there is still a chance.

Check out the Right Way to Pass Thesis in just 3 Months

Friend Zone, that was the surefire way to pass the thesis in just 3 months, I hope you can do that too!

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