Check Your Academic Data at Dikti

Friend, for those of you who continue to study in higher education, make sure your ID and personal data are registered with the Higher Education, because what, it will affect the validity of the diploma you receive later,
You are studying at D3, S1 or S2, PLEASE Check Your Personal Data,

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Because turns out not a few graduates or students especially PTS sometimes not registered in Higher Education Database (Dikti), Directorate General of Higher Education.

Why Need to Check?

Do you want, if you get a fake or fake diploma? because if your diploma is used to apply for jobs, especially in PNS (Civil Servants) Your data will be checked.
We’ve heard and seen a lot of fake diploma practices, right?
So that’s why it’s important for us to check, are we legal to be a student? or not yet.

Checking Student Status on the Higher Education Portal can be for State Universities or PTN, Private Universities or PTS, Diploma Level, Strata 1 / S1, Strata 2 / S2, Strata 3 / S3.

Method Check Your Personal Data at Dikti through the Website Portal that

has been provided, here’s how

  1. open
  2. *Then enter the name of the university, state university or PTN Private College or PTS where you study,
  3. Study Program Just choose all.
  4. *Then Enter KeywordIt can be your name or your NIM directly.
  5. *After that Enter the Security Code according to what comes out in the chapter box.
  6. then just click”Find Students“.

Well, how easy is it, as for the details, I won’t be a spoiler because it’s my own secret data 😀 hehe not widely disseminated…

As a bonus, I love the screenshot above.

Ok, hopefully this educational info can be useful for you to validate Your

Eligibility in College.

* If your data does not exist or does not exist .. immediately consult with the relevant parties at YOUR UNIVERSITY … oKEY …

Pddikti Kemendikbud

for the latest, if you want to see statistics, you can visit

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