Children don’t have skills for the future


The education system can change according to the times due to technological advances. This turned out to cause concern for parents, especially for the future of their children, Mother.

According to study HP New Asian Learning Experience 202158 percent of parents worry that their child does not have the skills or skills for future work. The study, which was conducted in five major cities in Indonesia, targeted millennial parents.

According to HP Indonesia’s Business Personnel System Category Head, Frans Adiredja, from this study, they found similarities in how parents define learning and emphasize their children’s future. The parents apparently did not want the emotional stability of their children to be disturbed.

“About 97 percent of parents consider it important or very important for their children to receive a comprehensive education. This means that this education is not limited to academics, but also involves developing critical skills, problem solving, soft skillsintrapersonal, and others,” said Frans at the event HP New Asian Learning Experience Media Roundtable via ZoomWednesday (9/9/22).

“Meanwhile, 68 percent of parents believe that the curriculum in Indonesia should emphasize the development of creativity,” he continued.

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Frans explained that the parents in the study also believed that their children needed an understanding of knowledge and context, so that it could be applied in real life. The majority of parents understand the importance of education, but 50 percent are still concerned about whether their children will get an education from the current curriculum.

“They feel it is their responsibility to ensure that their children can succeed in education and in their future,” said Frans.

The survey also explains the indicators that parents use to determine their child is really learning, Mother. The findings are quite surprising because test scores are no longer the determining factor.

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