Choose S2 or Continue Working? Pay attention to the following 4 important things

Choose S2 or Continue Working? Pay attention to the following 4 important things

Should you go straight to S2 or work first? These are two of the many options available to scholars. If you do, which one do you choose?

Make decisions about continuing education or finding work, not about right and wrong. Moreover, everyone certainly has a full share in determining their respective career paths.

More than just a black and white choice, it’s about what you need more and what you’re more likely to do. To help you understand the problem and make a decision, let’s look at some of the important points below.

1. Determine the goal of S2

Before deciding to continue your education to a higher level or looking for work, you must have a very clear answer to the ‘WHY’ question. Why did you choose S2 and why continue with S2?

Goals will determine the direction of what we are trying to do. When we are not able to explain and detail our goals, it is likely that we will have difficulty overcoming obstacles in the middle of the road and tend to be easily distracted (not focused). This risks making us take longer to reach our goals or even stop, giving up halfway.

In other words, we must set goals at the beginning so that whenever we face difficulties, it can be a reminder and reinforcement to persevere and keep going.

2. Be careful with perception

There are many reasons why undergraduate graduates face a dilemma between going straight to masters or looking for work. One of them is the intense competition in the world of work.

There are at least two concerns when someone wants to continue their master’s studies. First, those who think that by continuing to study masters, they can get closer to their dream job. Or, it is actually haunted by the question of whether it is difficult for S2 graduates to find work.

In fact, a master’s degree is not a guarantee that it will be easier for you to get a job. Not infrequently even those who graduated from SMK also have the opportunity to get a decent job so we need to be careful with our own perceptions.

Master’s degree candidates are usually required to occupy managerial level positions. However, there will still be stiff competition with fellow masters graduates to get it. So, it must also be remembered that a master’s degree without work experience is also not a wise choice.

Meanwhile, there are those who believe that they will continue their master’s degree because they want to study, they want to learn. Don’t forget that work can also be a place of learning.

If you are looking for a job and then you are accepted, you can learn directly from the realities you encounter in the field. Not only that, you can also get the opportunity to learn directly from your boss or colleagues.

So, be careful with your own thoughts. Try to see further and wider the consequences of the choices that you will live. Remember, S2 is a choice, not an escape.

3. Pay attention to the situation

For example, are you the breadwinner of the family? If so, choosing between masters and looking for work may be more complicated for you, compared to those who live quite well. On the one hand there are dreams that you want to pursue, on the other hand there are families who need your role to meet their economic needs.

When is the best time for S2? In the end, you are the one who understands your life the most. The decision is in your hands. Everyone has the right to decide which path to take.

There are at least two solution options for this problem, namely prioritizing work and then postponing master’s degree or continuing with master’s degree while working for the family.

We discuss the first option. Procrastination doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. It’s just about when the time is right. Delaying what we want in order to meet the needs of the family is something noble, right?

The second option, continue S2 while working. Is this possible to do? Of course the answer is, nothing is impossible in life.

As long as there is a will, there is a way. It sounds cliché, but we can’t deny the fact that out there there are many examples of people who are able to do things beyond expectations.

With faith, tenacity, sincerity and compulsion, humans are often able to do more than what he can think of. You must have heard the term ‘The power of kepepet’ right?

However, you should still try to make plans to reduce the risk of things that we don’t want.

4. What about resources?

It is no secret that pursuing education at the master’s level requires more money and effort than before. Are you sure you want to go back to college? Are you ready for higher academic demands?

Who will cover the tuition fees? If you want a master’s degree with a scholarship, do you match your abilities with the requirements they have?

If at the undergraduate level, students are more crammed with theory and encouraged to use it to recognize and understand problems. At the S2 level you are required to be a problem solver. Obviously, it’s not an easy matter. So prepare yourself to be a creative and tough fighter. Do not let the time and costs that will be allocated be in vain just because you are just trying.

Different heads must have different considerations in it. In the end this is your life. You are the one who knows best about yourself and your needs. You decide what you will do. Hopefully the four points above can give insight to reduce the confusion of making choices. Keep the spirit alive, my friend!

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