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When you are traveling, what kind of bag do you carry? Besides a suitcase or backpack as big as a refrigerator?

It definitely depends on the destination and how long the trip is. I myself, because I like taking pictures, I definitely bring a second bag, which is a camera bag. Sometimes it’s a backpack, sometimes it’s a sling bag.

There are also certain of you who are more concerned with fashion. Use retro leather bags that are very instagram-able, hihi.

These are some of the bags I usually carry with me when I travel. How about your bag? Don’t forget to share your experience in choosing a travel bag too!

1. Sling Bag

Leather sling bag. Looks very cute, but heavy.

messenger bag aka the sling bag is cool. Looks more ashionable. Only when the load is too heavy, our shoulders hurt.

If the things we carry are light, just documents or a small pocket camera, using a sling bag is really cool. Not to mention that it’s easy to access, just pull it in front of your stomach and grab the things you need.

But if you have brought a DSLR camera, drinking water, and a straightener; better wear Backpack just.

2. Backpack Bag

Comfortable with backpack

Backpack bags are not as cool as sling bags. But much much more comfortable. Anything can come in, whether it’s water bottles, jackets, books, sandals, cellphones, laptops, maps, cameras, pillows, mattresses, or whatever.

However, backpacks are also not practical when you want to take things. Especially when it’s time to bring a lot. You have to put the bag first before you can take the things in it. It’s a bit of a hassle. Also if you are in a crowd, the contents can be stolen if you are not careful.

Make sure your bag doesn’t look like a school kid so that it looks cooler on Instagram, hehe.

A backpack size of 16-22 liters is quite enough for a walk around the city. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can bring a backpack that can be folded like a red bag from travelnblog like the photo below.

FYI, if you want to buy a small backpack like this cheap, you can use a discount national online shopping day December 12th later. Don’t be too late!

This travelnblog backpack bag can be folded but it really can’t carry a lot
This small backpack is a perfect companion for the suitcase.

3. Camera Bag

Camera Sling Bag

I have several camera bags which are used according to the type of travel. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of bag are more or less the same as the explanation above.

But the camera bag that I think is the most comfortable is the beltpack bag. Like brand output think tank photo type of speed demon. Move well, take a fast camera, change lenses quickly, but they look like uncles nerd really.

Belt pack camera bag. Photo of Uncle Ken Rockwell.
A small camera sling bag that I sometimes attach with a carabiner when I carry a mountain backpack.

4. Goodie Bag

If you often come to blogger or media events, the stock of goodie bags is already mounting. Well, just use it for traveling, it’s good that it doesn’t look flashy when you carry a camera.

At least it doesn’t look capital and looks like a walking billboard. Hihihi!

Thank You!

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