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Choosing hosting is easy and difficult, like choosing a girlfriend. Because choosing hosting with a package that suits your needs is very important.tricky‘. Do not be cheap in choosing hosting. Snot yet read the article to the endthe video below will explain why choosing a hosting is the same as choosing a girlfriend.

Well, besides you have to choose the best hosting provider, you also need to choose the most suitable package for your needs. Of course you have read 7 Tips for Choosing a Hosting Provider in This article. Now, it’s time to discuss packages cloud hosting which one is the most suitable for your website at

Before reading the discussion about choosing hosting on a package cloud hosting, we always have to remind the importance of Domain Names. What’s that?


Domain name is the name of the website that is used to call the website by typing it in the browser, so the website can appear. For example, when you want to open Google, you will type in the domain name

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The domain name is the first thing you MUST secure, whenever you plan to create a website. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a website tomorrow or in 5 years, we very suggest you buy domain now.

Why? Because it’s different from a person’s name that can be used by two (or even more) people, a domain name can

only be used by one website. If you don’t have a domain yet, please check our promo page to see domain promo cheap running on this

Some tips about domains will be included at the end of this article. Keep reading.

After your domain is secured, it’s time to choose a package cloud hosting the right one for your website.

What & why should I choose Cloud Hosting?

As you probably already know, hosting is like a land in the real world, where the website is the home.

All the needs to build a website must be placed on the ground. So, hosting servers always be the main requirement when you want to create your own website.

Well, this Cloud Hosting Package is the newest package from which is indeed presented for:

1. Kyou who want to create your first website

style="font-weight: 400;">We are very aware that your first website has not had many visitors, which may not immediately generate income. But you are very confident that your website will grow to be the foundation of your future. With prices starting at Rp. 5.000,-/month, you can make your dream website go online.

2. Those of you who want to have a website but don’t know anything about how to make it

In packages Cloud Hosting For us, all of them are available with automatic website builders, which were created specifically so that everyone can create websites without coding.

3. Those of you who feel that your website needs hosting that is more ‘relaxed’

The more your website grows, the more likely it is that the website will require greater hosting resources to remain comfortably accessed by visitors. There is an unlimited space package that costs only from Rp. 25.000,-/month.

4. You are disappointed by another hosting provider and want to move

The first thing you have to realize is that there’s no one hosting provider who want the server down. But sometimes, there’s always something unexpected that happens.

style="font-weight: 400;">What matters is how quickly they respond & deal with it. In, the best service is realized, one of which is the speed of response in serving customers. Our internationally certified technicians are ready to help you anytime in less than 3 minutes.

5. Those of you who feel that the service at your hosting provider is now slow

Of our 10 customers, 7 of them want to recommend our hosting services, and 3 others feel they have been served well. In addition to 24/7 service, we will also always respond to chat & tickets that you provide quickly. You can prove it immediately after trying our hosting performance.

Well before us buy a cloud hosting packageyou should also know that all cloud hosting packages from Jagoan Hosting Indonesia also include:

  1. Include Premium Anti Spam Expert
  2. Free SSL Grade A
  3. Free Web Builder
  4. 30 days warranty refund
  5. Free .COM domain on Superstar plan for the first year
  6. Unmetered Bandwidth
  7. Unlimited Add On Domain
  8. Unlimited Park Domain
  9. Unlimited Sub Domain
  10. Unlimited Email Accounts
  11. Unlimited Backup to Restore

In addition, this Cloud Hosting Package also supports advanced technology such as NVME Storage is 5x faster than SSD, LiteSpeed ​​Premium webserver that helps speed up your website load, Litespeed Cache, AWStat, Spam Asassin, PHPMyAdmin, Perl, MariaDB, cPanel, GD2, Developer Tools.

Reliability level Cloud Hosting is 1 level above shared hosting, although it has the same function. And Cloud Hosting have power on user flexibility in managing their hosting.

Service Indonesian cloud hosting is a hosting service that is connected to many servers, so it has a high level of stability and availability.

Cloud hosting allows us to have unlimited resources because it is connected to many physical servers, making it easier for us to add new servers automatically on the flywithout affecting the running process.

Most importantly, Cloud Hosting Packages This latest has a very fast website load!

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting in general that you need to know

Cloud Hosting is still shared, which is adjusted to the main needs of its customers. This causes the server cannot be customized, because it will interfere with other people’s hosting.

However, we have done the international standard configuration which proven comfortable used by many websites. And if you need 1 server for 1 website that allows for server customization, we recommend that you use a VPS X which can be accessed here or Dedicated Hosting that can be accessed here.

OK, now which cloud hosting plan should I choose?

This is the time for you to choose a hosting package that suits your needs. Our Cloud Hosting has 3 types of packages that you can choose according to what you need:

choose hosting from cloud hosting packages at

Buy Cloud Hosting at Jagoan Hosting with Fame Package if:

1. This is the first time you want to create a website, and you can create your own website from scratch.

2. You only use it for the company profile website, which you only function as a display and do not plan to do digital marketing yet.

3. You can also use this hosting for your portfolio website. Like a portfolio of designs or photos.

4. You use email as a medium of communication in very small amounts.

Buy Cloud Hosting at Jagoan Hosting with Hits Package if:

1. You are a developer who wants to have a website and put your apps on a hosting.

2. You can’t build your own website from scratch, and want to use a free web builder.

3. You want more websites in 1 hosting, from online store websites to blogs to support your business marketing.

4. You want to have a website that can be accessed more quickly.

5. Email is one of your business communication media.

Buy Cloud Hosting at Jagoan Hosting with Superstar Package if:

1. You need unlimited hosting space for your website and all your online activities.

2. You need hosting that supports the development of applications and websites that you may create in 1 hosting.

3. You who crave fast access to every website and application that you develop.

4. Those of you who want to have a website without the hassle of making it from scratch and want to have a .com domain name that can be your branding medium.

5. You want to send more emails.

Well how? Already found the right package, right? Whichever package you choose, make sure it fits your needs. These are tips for choosing hosting on a package Cloud Hosting Indonesia at

And before you Buy a Cloud Hosting Package from JagoanHosting.comwe remind you that you get Money Back Guarantee for 30 days when your package is active.

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