Christopher Nolan’s Best Batman The Dark Knight

We all know or at least have watched one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy films. This time, we will discuss one of the trilogies that is enough to make Nolan’s Batman character a byword throughout superhero cinema, namely The Dark Knight.

This film was released 3 years after Batman Begins started in 2005. It seems that the director Christopher Nolan did not feel in a hurry to make a sequel as soon as possible, even though the first Batman film was quite appreciated in the film industry.

Then, Nolan finished with The Dark Knight Rises (2012) as the closing of this Batman story.

Synopsis The Dark Knight (2008)

Batman The Dark Knight | Warner Bros

The Dark Knight film tells the story of the condition of Gotham City when it was attacked by various terrors. Batman (Christian Bale) is assisted by lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and prosecutor Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) trying to quell the crime that is rampant on the streets.

They face a sadistic enemy who calls himself The Joker (Heath Ledger). This story begins when the mafia boss Marconi is in prison, the mafia no longer has a leader figure. The Joker is also here to bring terror and carry out his evil role in Gotham City.

The famous Joker does not hesitate to kill the victim’s life, even his own subordinates are willing to kill him just to prove that he is not playing. After messing up gotham city, joker makes an offer to the gotham city crime syndicates who are starting to fear batman.

In exchange for half of their assets, the joker promises to kill batman. Joker then demands that gotham city surrender batman or joker will kill more people until batman surrenders.

Heath Ledger

The Joker really well played, even without realizing it, we can be amazed by the character even though he is an antagonist. The Joker actor, Heath Ledger, has been in this role for 6 weeks.

From various information, it turns out that the Joker character is turned on by Ledger with his own style, including the untidy make-up arrangement, looks disgusting, the use of the expression “Why so serious?” become The Joker’s jargon that is remembered in the minds of the audience.

In fact, Nolan gave Ledger full discretion to bring this Joker role to life.

So it’s no wonder, several awards, including an Oscar, were legitimately given to him as the best supporting actor. Honey, character The Joker couldn’t continue because Heath Ledger, passed away in the same year where The Dark Knight released (2008). From the storyline, it actually feels lost, because it looks like Nolan has to be extra hard to find a new, strong figure to replace the Joker.

So it’s no wonder that all the characters in the second film don’t appear again at the end of the inner trilogy The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Even attempts to replace the Joker, played by Heath Ledger, were not made at all because Nolan wanted to show respect that the character The Joker which has been Heath Ledger’s exclusive character, and is irreplaceable in the Batman The Dark Knight trilogy.

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