Cleft Mountain Facts that Climbers Should Know

Each mountain must have its own interesting facts, including Mount Sumbing which we will discuss this time. Like the fact about Mount Merbabu which has the fact that many flowers are found Edelwiss, there are three main peaks, and so on. Likewise with Mount Sumbing, for those of you climbers who are just planning to go there may still be curious, for that you must know what is there.

Talking about mountain facts, we know especially for climbing lovers that every mountain must have its own mystery story. Mount Sumbing is one of them and we can even say it has the most phenomenal mystery story by Wonosobo climbers. After traveling there, at least we have obtained some facts about Mount Sumbing which you can see below.

cleft mountain peak

1. Mount Sumbing is located in 3 districts
Sumbing is the third highest mountain on the island of Java, after Mount Smeru and Mount Slamet. Having a height of 3,371 meters above sea level, Mount Sumbing occupies the position of the 2nd highest mountain in Central Java after Mount Slamet.

This mountain is administratively located in three regencies, namely Magelang Regency, Temanggung Regency, and Wonosobo Regency. Regarding the location, as a climber, of course, you want to know which route is the most favorite for climbers to get to the top? The answer lies in the second cleft mountain fact.

2. Favorite Trail for Climbing Mount Sumbing via Garung Reco (Wonosobo)
The main reason why this is the most crowded route is that Mount Sumbing Basecamp via Garung is quite easy to find because of its location beside the road, if you are from Semarang and its surroundings you can go through the Sumowono-Temanggung-Wonosobo route, right after the Temanggung and Wonosobo border there is a route to the left with the sign “Basecamp Garung Gunung Sumbing”.

No wonder if this route is always busy, especially New Year’s Eve, you won’t be lonely. The Mount Sumbing route via Garung is quite difficult because it continues to climb, so our advice is to prepare your body first before starting to climb.

3. There are 5 official trails for climbing Mount Sumbing
Indeed, one day as time goes by, the climbing route of each mountain may experience changes, either increasing or vice versa. There are 5 official routes for climbing Mount Sumbing based on information in 2017.

Apart from going through Garung Reco, Wonosobo district, which we have mentioned earlier, the other four routes include Cepit Parakan, Mangli Kaliangkrik, Bawongso, and Sipetung (Temanggung district).

4. On Mount Sumbing There is a Devil’s Market
It is said to be a myth, indeed the mystery story is a myth, but it is a fact that many Sumbing mountain climbers have encountered it. So the phenomenon of “devil’s market” does not only occur on Mount Sumbing, other mountains such as Merbabu and Slamet also exist.

Regarding this, of course, there are those who believe and there are those who do not, it all depends on their respective beliefs. So the explanation for this kind of incident is that there is a market on the mountain but it is not visible but only sounds like the atmosphere of the market crowd and only a few climbers will usually encounter this phenomenon.

The “Devil Market” on Mount Sumbing is before the Watu Market. That said, it is located on a steep and sandy path after we passed post 3.

Regarding mysterious things, besides this, Mount Sumbing also has other mysterious stories such as a group of people in white robes, ghosts of hermits, black giants who guard the entrance of the mountain.

Of all of you, of course, there are those who believe and those who don’t, that’s natural because everyone has their own beliefs, but that’s not the point. Regarding the existence of this mysterious thing, actually the goal is only one, so that humans do not destroy nature but rather keep it so that nature in the mountains created with its beauty is not damaged.

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