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Somehow I was able to accept Firsta’s invitation when she invited me to climb the highest peak of the island of the gods. Without realizing it, suddenly I was driving on a rented motorbike from my homestay in Sanur to Besakih Temple, one of the starting points for climbing Mount Agung.

Besakih temple path is used if you want to climb to the top of Mount Agung 3142 masl. While another route with a shorter climbing time is the Pura Pasar Agung route, but it will only reach the crater rim.

My first photo on Mount Agung at sunrise

We’ll take a tek-tok. Alias ​​not opening a tent, without staying overnight. Until the top, we will go down straight back down.

The crazy thing is, we will go up at twelve at night, and reach the top at sunrise. Actually it’s normal, like the last track of Mount Semeru or Rinjani. However, I climbed both mountains 2-3 years ago. About 10 kilograms ago. After that I rarely climbed the ‘real mountain’. Whether I am strong or not, I start the first step with bismillah.

I turn on the flashlight. We started walking straight into the forest. Three, plus one guide. Climbing Mount Agung must use a guide. The fare is around 300 thousand per person. Usually includes breakfast, flashlight and trekking poles.

You can see Mount Batur and Lake Kintamani in the distance

For those of you who want to come here, I’ll tell you first: THE ASK DOES NOT USE FORGIVENESS. Duh, to use caps lock. But it’s true. You could say 95% without any ramps.

I’m exhausted. Signs must have been on a diet. Firsta might be annoyed to have to wait for me. Moreover, Nico, her husband who is white and long-legged looks like he is walking on a flat road, even though the incline doesn’t stop.

The path is horribly delicious..

There are three posts before the peak. There are no signs or shelters at these posts. However, the distance between posts is about one and a half hours to two hours.

At some points in the path there is a very steep path so that ropes are installed. I fainted at the thought of going down later.

Hiking at night is actually much more comfortable than climbing during the day. Because besides not being hot, climbing at night also feels romantic because it is accompanied by the stars. If you have a friend who can see more, it’s better to warn him not to tell things. Because a romantic night can turn into a horror night. Hey, kidding.

The ghost mountain aka the shadow of the peak because of the sunrise.

I don’t know how many times I stopped and walked back, at about three in the morning we stopped at the start of a sandy, rocky trail with walls high enough to keep out the wind. The vegetation has started to change. We sat down, started a fire, and made hot coffee. Here we rest for a while. Some people seem to be sleeping charging for preparations summit attack.

Our guide seemed to be fast asleep shortly after he made us a warm drink. He climbed the majestic mountain almost every day at night, so he must be very tired. Very tough job. But he seems to have gotten used to it. Although his body is small, he has extraordinary stamina.

Si Bli, our guide, is a really #MTMA fan it seems….

I try to rest. But the air is too cold to make me sleep. Slowly the black sky turned dark blue, a sign that we had to continue climbing to the top.

When the sun came up, we realized that the path of this majestic mountain was very small and there were ravines on either side of it. The path to the top is absolutely rock. If we fall, we will immediately END. My steps are getting limp, but the cool morning air keeps me excited.

Several times I told Firsta, maybe she got annoyed, “How will this go down, bro? Don’t go up this steep HAHAHA.”

He just said calmly, “okay, don’t worry about it.” Sometimes while being annoyed too, “ALREADY, DON’T THINK ABOUT!!”

I can only laugh while grinning.

Sis Firsta and her bebeb. I can only hug that cold trekking pole…

Soon I reached the top coincided with the sun emerging from the horizon. There are three peaks that we will pass. The photo above is a photo on the second peak. While below is a photo of the third peak from the second peak.

The peak of Mount Agung and the people who climbed that day.

While the others were walking to the third peak, I chose to rest and have breakfast alone at the second peak. Enjoy moments at the peak while looking at the coast of Bali from the highest point of this island of the gods.

While thinking about how to descend safely to Besakih Temple again….

Towards the third peak where you can see the crater of Mount Agung.
Mejeng first

The total trip to the top takes about 6 hours. Well, according to the logic of going down must be faster, right? However, with the condition that he had not slept all night and his knees were shaking on their own, it took up to 8 hours.

The path we took last night with just a flashlight is now clearly visible. It feels like just sliding down to the bottom.

Anyway, I think climbing this mountain is more challenging than Mount Semeru or Rinjani. If climbing the two mountains is like a marathon, climbing this great mountain is more like running a sprint that requires constant extra energy.

When I got to the bottom, I swore I would never go up the mountain again.

But, that’s what I always think every time I go down the mountain. And, alas, no; luckily, I always miss and want to go back to the heights!

Terrific greetings!

Mount Batur in the distance (the one in the middle of the crater lake)
Firsta and Bli MTMA
Time to go back downstairs
The incline is something like this…
Family photo by Bli MTMA
come on down. | Photo by Firsta
Jiper saw the path. | Photo by Firsta
See you again Mount Agung!

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