Cloud Object Storage, the Right Solution to Increase Data Storage Capacity on Websites

Cloud Object Storage, the Right Solution to Increase Data Storage Capacity on Websites

Perform optimization website you need to improve so that the performance is maximum. Moreover, if its use requires a large storage capacity for media such as photos and videos, then using Cloud Object Storage can be the solution.

By having the capacity object storage adequate, quality website you will increase and the security is certainly more awake, friend! Therefore, if you need the services of a provider, object storage Best, Jagoan Hosting is the solution!

What is Cloud Object Storage?

Generally, Cloud Object Storage is a data storage service in very large volumes and packaged simply. By utilizing this service, you will find it easier to access and manage data in a relatively short period of time.

Application Cloud Object Storage utilise unstructured data (unstructured data) and has properties that are more flexible than when you use conventional storage media and the performance is still not optimal.

Cloud Object Storage, the Right Solution to Increase Data Storage Capacity on Websites

Advantages of Cloud Object Storage from Jagoan Hosting

To use this service, there are still many service providers who offer offers including: resources others and high prices. This is a problem because resources what is offered is also not necessarily needed.

Jagoan Hosting provides an opportunity for you to increase the data storage capacity on your website website by offering Cloud Object Storage without having to buy resources others, so that it is more efficient and of course more cost-effective, right, friend? Want to know other advantages? Listen carefully, yes!

1. Availability of CDN

You will be facilitated by the CDN (Content Delivery Network) Features, so that when you want to send various static content such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) you can still improve performance and reduce service activity.

2. Easy Integration Process

It takes three easy steps to take advantage of the service Cloud Object Storage from Jagoan Hosting. Starting from capacity selection storage which can be adapted to your needs and continued with the manufacturing process access key object storage.

Purpose of manufacture access key is to make it easier for you to enter files browser object storage, so it can be accessed anytime quickly. After you finish going through these two stages, you can enjoy additional resource storage easily.

3. Utilization of Diverse Object Storage

By using Cloud Object Storage Jagoan Hosting, you can do many things easily. For example, like how mounting object storage to Windows and Linux, tools to manage object storageto NextCloud and WordPress integration.

4. No Bandwidth Limits

When accessing websiteyou don’t need to take a long time in the process loading because Cloud Object Storage from Jagoan Hosting provides facilities unlimited bandwidthso that performance website what you have is still good even though you have to access large data.

5. Connect with S3-Compatible

The existence of S3-Compatible makes quality object storageboth in terms of security, scalability (the ability of the system to increase the amount of data without affecting performance website)to the ease of accessing data because it is well integrated.

Advantages of Using Cloud Object Storage

Product Cloud Object Storage from Jagoan Hosting has several advantages that must be known, so you can understand that special offers like this will not be found anywhere else. Curious what are the benefits? Here’s the list!

1. File Browser

You can manage files (file) in website you easily just use browser just. Starting from doing activities upload, download, create folderuntil create buckets, everything can be done quickly.

2. Apps Integration

Utilizing the S3 protocol (S3 API), it is easy to integrate between object storage with apps in website to run smoothly.

3. Feels Like Local File

Without relying on third parties to access filesyou will experience as if you are using it through local access which has been supported by the S3 protocol.

4. Native HTTP/HTTPS

Without having to use direct URL path to access it, you can directly manage files from browser.

5. Build CDN and Web Asset

Utilization of the CDN feature, which is located in several countries in the world and is able to improve performance in the access process files static like CSS, JS, video, and others.

For product prices, Jagoan Hosting offers attractive prices, starting from IDR 10K for capacity storage 10 GB per month.

No need to worry about the quality of service and products offered by Jagoan Hosting, because many large companies rely on Jagoan Hosting for optimization needs. website their business.

So, are you interested in using the product Cloud Object Storage from Jagoan Hosting? If you want to know more about other information, click here, come on!

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