Coffee Business Ideas with Low Capital You Must Know

Coffee Business Ideas with Low Capital You Must Know

Coffee is a drink enjoyed by millions of people. From young to old you really enjoy coffee. With so many coffee enthusiasts, there are also opportunities there.

The coffee business opportunity is very promising because in addition to having less number of players than other businesses, knowledge and skills are needed in building a business as well as the ability to mix coffee. These knowledge and skills and not everyone has them.

If you are a true coffee connoisseur, you actually have your own added value because you understand much more about the ins and outs of coffee which will be very useful for the business you want to run.

But many think that the coffee business requires a very large capital. The reality is not. The most important capital you have is the ability to see opportunities, hear consumer feedback and knowledge about coffee. This is the most important capital.

If you think the coffee business is just opening a roadside cafe in a crowded city area with an attractive cafe display, sophisticated machines and several employees, it certainly requires a very large capital and not the coffee business that we are talking about here.


are some coffee businesses that do not require large capital:

Cold Brew Coffee Business

Cold Brew or cold brewed coffee is now a trend among young people. You can build this business without using a large capital. The capital needed is a cold coffee brewer, for example, the Hario Mizudashi Coffe Pot, which costs only IDR 200,000. Or something more sophisticated and good, for example the Dutch Lab brand, which costs millions. You can also choose a manual pour over brewer if you want manual.


above tools can be selected according to the available budget and production needs. Experiment by trying several types of coffee beans until you find the right taste. Once the taste feels right, don’t forget to ask someone else to test it.


up is packaging. Make bottle packaging that is attractive and clearly visible which will become the identity of your product later.

Coffee Business Ideas with Low Capital You Must Know

Coffee Bean Business

The coffee bean business may be the easiest coffee business to do because there is no capital and all that is needed is a network with coffee farmers, coffee factories and cafes.

You can be a second or third hand as a distributor who distributes or resells coffee beans from farmers or also from factories to those who need coffee beans or coffee grounds to individuals or to cafes.

It is better to choose which coffee beans are the best and worth selling and which ones you should not choose. It takes foresight and thoroughness as well as an extensive network if you want to start a coffee bean business. You will later benefit from the mark up of the purchase price.


coffee shop

You can build a simple coffee shop that can later become a gathering place for young people to chat while enjoying your blended coffee. A simple coffee shop does not require a large capital, just provide a simple place.

No need for a luxurious sofa and a contemporary look. Focus on good taste and service as your main added value.

To make coffee, you do not need to use expensive sophisticated equipment. Just use a manual tool at a price that is much cheaper than the price of automatic coffee tools. For example, if you want to produce espresso, you can provide a Presso Skirt or Bellman to make it.

Besides being cheap, there are no additional costs for the electricity used. In addition to these tools, you can also provide several other manual tools such as V60, Aeropress, Chemex, and so on.

Also provide a snack menu as a complement to coffee. Heavy meals do not need to be provided because this shop is focused on coffee.


the above method, you can already have a coffee shop in an easy and inexpensive way.

Coffee Truck or Coffee Cart

Have you ever heard of a coffee grobak or coffee truck? Simply put, this is coffee that is peddled while walking around or staying in one place on the side of the road. This is not so popular in Indonesia, abroad things like this are already very popular in Europe, America and Australia.

Coffee trucks or coffee carts are usually driven by bicycles, motorbikes or cars. This can be a very good business opportunity in Indonesia considering that the trend does not yet exist, you can create this trend and become a champion in the coffee truck market later.

If you want to make a coffee truck or coffee grobak, you can make the display as attractive as possible and clearly visible from a distance. You can use vehicles such as cars, motorbikes or bicycles.

One of the coffee businesses that is very easy to run is repacking. You just need to buy coffee grounds and package them with your brand and resell them. Finished.

Coffee Business Ideas with Low Capital You Must Know

In the repacking business, it is important for you to invest in building a brand. It could be that the coffee you sell is coffee at a low price, if your band is well known to the public, you can sell it at a high price.

In repacking, you are not only selling a product, but selling your product and brand. The brand represents the commitment to the customer, the image, and the focus of the company.

To be successful in the repacking business, you must first choose the type of coffee that you will repack later. It is important for you to ensure that the type of coffee matches the brand and the brand that will be embedded in it later.

After that, create a package that meets these requirements:

Represents the type of coffee in the package
Have attractive and striking colors
Packaging sells enough
The required labels are listed such as halal labels, composition, brand names, expiration dates, permits and so on.

As a beginner, you don’t get a license right away, and you don’t need to register a brand. Make the packaging attractive first and then after that the licensing is taken care of behind.

But don’t be late for fear that there will be even bigger problems later. Also check the trademark that you want to use whether it has been registered or not.

After that you can do distribution by marketing to coffee connoisseurs either directly to individuals, to distributors, or to cafes.

Don’t forget to do promotions both online and offline. The goal is for your brand to be known in the wider community later.

Coffee Business Ideas with Low Capital You Must Know


Basically all things related to coffee can be seen as a business because behind a cup of coffee there are many businesses that run behind it. These include coffee plantations, raw coffee bean processing machines, coffee powder production, coffee bean production, coffee powder distribution, coffee bean distribution, coffee making machines, caffe, and repacking.