College World Must Find Friends, Introverts Must Know! – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zona, how was the lecture? Is it now offline? Studying on line or offline seems to affect the way of learning, yes. In the world of lectures, everything is different, starting from making friends, how to study, and so on.

Maybe Mimin will review a little about the pre-college period which looks very fun because she still often goes out without a burden with friends. In the world of education? Looks like you have to try first to find a lot of friends.

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Start Making Friends Since Entering the First Learning

Illustration of studying with college friends (Photo: Keet Keeper)

Finding friends since the first time entering the world of college does seem difficult. How not, Zone Buddy must think that later you will meet many people who have different backgrounds.

“Looks tired too, huh, Min so we can immediately make friends?” said one of the Zone Buddy who is quiet in his daily life.

Of course! Finding friends for quiet people (tends to be introverted) is a very tiring thing. Even just to make small talk, you have to think deeply.

“Then how about it, Min? Why should I have friends in college?” Add another Zone Buddy.

Finding friends in the world of lectures is not only beneficial for the environment, lecturers, or anyone on campus, but it is very useful for yourself.

In fact, it’s very unlikely that Buddy Zone doesn’t have a friend or two. This will harm yourself. It’s hard for you to ask about the best lecturer or campus info up to date.

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force On line It’s getting harder to find friends

College illustration onlinee (Photo: BBC)

In early 2020 until now, there are still many students who carry out lectures on line thus making it more difficult for them to find friends, let alone close friends.

“Min, do you have any tips so we can be a class? on line can you make friends?” asked one of the Zone Buddies who had just finished closing a class on Zoom.

Instead, for those of you who really want to get close friends, don’t immediately close the zoom when the lecture is over. Buddy Zone will meet some other friends who do the same. Dare to say hello, yes! Invite them to chat.

If you have found friends even though you are not familiar, you will automatically have a new sphere of life that is more fun and college will not feel boring. Friend zone will also automatically be more up to date about the latest info, especially about class hours, majors, faculties, and much more.

College World Must Find Friends, Introverts Must Know!

That’s Mimin’s review of making friends in the world of lectures. How? Want to start making friends from now on?

Hopefully this review will be useful to you and new views, yes. Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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