Color Blush On Viva at an Affordable Price

Viva blush color has a variety of shades for everyday use. Choose the one that matches your skin tone.

Viva is one of the legendary cosmetic brands that is famous for its quality and low prices. Various products are produced by Viva and are the mainstay of Indonesian women. One of them is blush. If you want to find a cheap blush, it’s a good idea to know the Viva blush color first.

Blush is a make-up product that functions as a blush. Using blush will make the face look fresher. You can use blush from the Viva brand to make makeup more attractive. Viva’s various blush products are available in various colors that you can adjust to your skin tone and the activity you are doing.


This product is packaged in a lightweight plastic case for traveling. In this blush product, a brush has also been provided to apply the product. Of course this will help you when using this blush.

The texture of the blush is very powdery. Even so, the color is enough pigmented, in just one fell swoop. Only, you need to tap the brush to minimize file out. This product also has an effect shimmer which will give a glowing impression on the face.

This blush color consists of two series to choose from. Series A has peach and coral colors which will give a more natural make-up result. Blush color is suitable for use by owners of tan skin. As for the B series, it has a purple color that can be used by the owner cool undertones.

2. Viva Blush On Duo


If you want to have a Viva blush color that has two kinds of blush in one product, this Viva product can be your mainstay product. In this blush packaging there is a blush brush that you can use to apply the product. However, this product does not have a mirror, so for touch up you will be in quite a bit of trouble.

This product is the same as the Queen series products. Texture is enough powdery and when applied blush powder will fly. Even so, this product does not have a disturbing aroma and you can use it everyday.

For this blush product, there are various colors to choose from. Various colors available can be used for all skin types. There are 4 colors of Viva blush available, namely 01 Orange Pink – Red Orange, 02 Rose – Purple, 03 Pink – Magenta, and 04 Orange – Brown.

3. Viva Fin Touch


If you want to use a blush that only consists of one color which is really cool, Viva Fin Touch is the right choice. The packaging of this product is round and the content of the blush is only slightly in the middle. This blush has no effect glitter which will make your face glow.

Even so, the texture of this blush is almost similar to other Viva blushes. This blush on Viva is enough powdery and will fall out. In addition, this blush is not equipped with a brush and mirror.

The color of this Viva blush is quite diverse. You can adjust the color of your face for daily use of blush, both for work and for those who are looking for work, it can help make your appearance more perfect. There are 3 blush colors to choose from, namely Red Pink, Red Orange, and Red Purple.

If you want to show a fresher facial tone, the Viva blush color needs to be chosen according to the color of the face. It’s a good idea to use your own brush for maximum results.

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