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Color Choices Affect Mood, Here Are 3 Japanese Home Decorating Tips to Keep Happy, According to Psychologists!


Decorating the house is a common thing to do during this COVID-19 pandemic. This is because many people spend time at home, especially workers whose offices issue policies work from home or work from home.

So, so you don’t get bored quickly because the condition of the house is just like that, it’s a good idea to try to redecorate your house, Beauties. Apparently, decorating the house can be one of the efforts healing, you knowBeauties.

Cottage House Interior Design
House illustration. (Photo: / Photo: Phanie Fauziah

Speaking of decorations, you no need to buy new furniture, yes. You can rearrange or move objects in it. Maybe you want to try another Japandi (Japan-Scandinavian) style hits lately?

“To meet the needs of the community, this Japandi style is divided into several types. There is Japandi Natural to provide a comfortable home feel, Japandi Modern for a stylish style, Japandi Classic for those who want to have an elegant home style, and Japandi Industrial for a masculine and trendy style. ,” said Dimas Harry Priawan, CEO of Dekoruma, at the Dekoruma #SatuSudutDulu Virtual Press Conference, quoted from HaiBunda.

Get to know Japan

According to Dimas, houses in Japan are the same size as those in Indonesia. The difference is, they have furniture that is multifunctional and still makes every corner of the house look spacious.

Home interior tricks to make it look like a photoshoot/ illustration. (Photo:

“Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Japan is a small house. So small, they make multifunctional furniture. However, the Japanese style is very monotonous. And Indonesians are very cheerful,” he added.

So, how do you decorate a Japanese-style house in these circumstances? Check out the tips below.

Create a Working Set

WFH makes many workers spend a lot of time at home. Well, you can start creating this Japanese style from the workplace. “Actually, when the Work From Home (WFH) trend developed, especially in Indonesia, the WHO itself took into account that we must have one working set,” he added.

No There must be a room that has a door or is insulated, one corner, one certain corner we set is actually enough to have a positive impact for those of us who work from home,” said Indah.

Define Color

Color can play human psychology. The color you choose can make someone more enthusiastic and even feel at home in a room. “When we put the colors for example yellow, purple, and white, the psychological impact is different,” said Indah.

Find out about the workplace you are applying forWorkspace illustration. (Photo:

There are several colors that can make someone feel more calm and comfortable in the house, such as brown and gray.

“Related to psychological conditions so that we are calmer at home, more comfortable at home, colors such as wood, brown, gray, it gives peace when we are at home,” explained Indah.

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