Come on, recognize and prevent stress symptoms in teachers with the following!

Come on, recognize and prevent stress symptoms in teachers with the following!

Symptoms of Stress in Teachers – In times of a pandemic like this, teaching activities carried out by teachers sometimes trigger high stress which can result in burn outnamely a condition when a person feels tired, failed, and not confident due to excessive demands.

How not, the article is that teachers are still required to provide material to students in various ways and efforts to make it easy for students to understand when learning online.

Be it in formal or non-formal schools, these problems can drain energy and cause emotional tension for the teacher. Especially if the students are also not serious in online learning.

If this is left for too long, it will result in ongoing fatigue. Therefore, before it’s too late, let’s identify the symptoms of stress in teachers and the following solutions!

Come on, recognize and prevent stress symptoms in teachers with the following!

1. Slowly disappearing from social life is one of the symptoms of stress on teachers

You could say, dealing with stress is like fighting with yourself. Usually, when stressed, the person tends to avoid social gatherings.

Not without reason, but because they feel that the people around them are fine with their jobs, while they are not.

If something like this happens to you, it doesn’t really matter if you keep your distance from your surroundings for a while, such as refusing an invitation to have lunch together for example.

You don’t have to accept everyone’s invitations! Just do things that can make the burden a little less by setting the priority of activities.

2. Symptoms of stress on other teachers, spending time complaining

Teachers who are feeling stressed will talk with all kinds of complaints, such as student problems, class problems, and even problems outside of it.

Communicating it with colleagues can be a solution to bring out the things that you are hiding. It doesn’t take much, just find a few trusted friends to share the complaint with.

Keep in mind, don’t just want to be heard, but also have to want to listen to the other person.

3. Loss of passion in yourself

This symptom can be seen from body language when teaching, such as eyes or a smile that is different from usual days. For teachers who are feeling stressed, their eyes will look dim and empty. He will rarely answer the greeting of his students with a smile.

If this is the case, then seeing a counseling agency may be considered. There is nothing wrong with going to a psychologist, as it can help you find and identify the root cause of the problem.

4. Difficult to come up with new ideas for teaching

Stress can make the brain become unclear because there is too much to think about without knowing how to solve it. New ideas to create fun classes are often hampered because they are worried that they will fail and create new problems.

Especially during a pandemic like this which requires students and teachers to learn online. Teachers will find it more difficult because they have no more ideas how to implement a comfortable class and of course the material can be conveyed well.

To prevent this from happening, teachers and schools can develop education-based school websites. Like the Instant School Apps service from Jagoan Hosting.

Instant School Apps is one of the services from Jagoan Hosting which is supported by the best servers and has adequate storage. The storage can store data and needs related to student learning.

With Instant School Apps, you not only get convenience like the Instant applications that have been provided, but also get server and hosting recommendations according to the needs of students.

You as a teacher can also use the Moodle application which is specially made for online learning media. With the various features it has, you no longer need to worry about how to apply an effective and fun way of teaching.

Friends, those are some of the symptoms of stress in teachers and how to deal with them. Don’t ignore the symptoms and motivate yourself to get out of the problem. Keep the spirit in doing online learning at home!

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