Come on, recognize the difference between qualitative and quantitative research with these tips – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! How are you today? This time Mimin hopes that you are doing well and always keep your spirits up. Because Mimin wants to provide information and also tips about recognizing the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. You must be curious, what are you doing?

Remember you know, before Mimin describes, Mimin needs to say that research is not only collecting information (data), but also research to find data that is collected from sources that we specify and then we finish with two types of approaches. Namely a quantitative approach and a qualitative approach. The two approaches are indeed difficult to distinguish, since many students still do not understand, therefore Mimin will provide the following tips.

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Understand the Meaning of Research

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Research or what we usually call research is with two types of words, re (return) and to search (search). In some scientific literature, research is a study carried out by someone through a careful and perfect investigation of a problem, so that an appropriate solution to the problem is obtained (T. Hillway). Meanwhile, according to Leady Research is a process to achieve (systematically and supported by data) an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or a deep understanding of a phenomenon (Leedy, 1997: 5).

The research here, according to Mimin, is a problem raised by the author and then a solution to the problem is sought by using several steps that are in accordance with the provisions of good and correct research methods.

Understand the Types of Research Approach

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In research, there are two common types of approaches. Namely quantitative research and qualitative research. These two approaches are of course very important for Zone Friends to know, because in the world of research it cannot be separated from these two things.

In terms of methods, quantitative research is positivist (real), experimental (trial), numerical data (numbers), or also statistical tests. Meanwhile, in terms of the main concepts, what is discussed in quantitative research deals with variables, operations, reliability, validity, and significant hypotheses.

Meanwhile, the type of qualitative research approach is research whose findings are not obtained through statistical procedures or other forms of calculation. Trying to understand and interpret the meaning of an event of human behavior interaction in certain situations according to the researcher’s own perspective. Qualitative methods are more likely to be based on phenomenological properties that prioritize appreciation (verstehen)

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Difference between Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research

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From the two studies, there are several differences that you can know, while the differences are as follows;

In quantitative research we can distinguish from its types, namely;

  • Test the theory
  • Building facts
  • Show the difference
  • Show relationship
  • Predicting behavior
  • Describe events statistically

In qualitative research as follows:

  • Develop theory
  • Developing complex realities
  • Gaining an understanding of meaning

Come on, recognize the difference between qualitative and quantitative research with these tips

This is a brief description of the differences between the two studies. If you are curious, don’t forget to continue to comment so that Mimin can review it for all of you, okay?

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