Come on! Take a peek at 7 Benefits of Being Close to Seniors on Campus – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? This time Mimin will share interesting information, namely 7 advantages of being ‘close’ to seniors on campus. As a student, we really have to expand our relationship with anyone, including one of our seniors or seniors.

Apparently, there are many advantages when we build networking with them. Then, what are the advantages? Come on, see the reviews and happy reading!

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Can Be a Tutor for Difficult Courses

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The advantage of being close to seniors is that we can ask questions about difficult subjects. Because they are more experienced and have many references, it is very profitable for us.

It could be that the senior shared what things we should study, what literature we should have, up to the level of difficulty of the task, you know.

Participate in the Same Project

Illustration of a joint project (Photo: unsplash)

When we get to know the seniors on campus, it will automatically bring benefits. Zone friends can participate in the same project, if they need a different team.

For example, through the Student Creativity Week (PKM), you may have teams from different batches and majors. That way, you will be known by seniors or other students.

Many Tips and Tricks About Lectures

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Furthermore, seniors will not hesitate to share tips and tricks during lectures, starting from how we should behave, until later before the thesis. This, of course, makes it easier for you in the future to undergo lectures.

Not only that, usually during the KRS week they will also provide information on what courses you should take for this semester. Then, the most asked by junior students are which lecturers are angels and killer in the department.

Networking Jobs

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Well, this is what final students are looking for the most. The first thing that becomes a burden on your mind after graduating from college is what and where to work. Even though the majors are clear, it still makes them indecisive in determining their future.

Therefore, it is important to build relationships with seniors. Who knows the company they work for, is opening vacancies for fresh graduate and fits into the Buddy Zone.

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Who Knows Match

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The advantage of being close to seniors is not only in the academic field, you know, but also a mate. Sentence ‘mate will not be far from around us‘, seems almost 100 percent correct.

Because, a soul mate is a person who is close and suitable for you. It is possible that you will meet a soul mate who turns out to be your own senior on campus.

Be More Mature

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The habit of hanging out with seniors automatically makes us a little more mature, both in terms of thought and appearance. Thoughts that are mature in a sense open minded and broad-minded about various things.

You can become a student who is knowledgeable and able to assess everything objectively, namely through several points of view. This certainly benefits you, because you can become an adult figure like you should.

You will also be required to always advance and innovate, and have a high competitive spirit. But, remember to stay humble and don’t think you’re the smartest.

Add friend

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The last advantage if you are close to seniors is to add friends or expand relationships. We can get to know a lot of people, not only from one generation of friends, you know. In addition, adding friends makes it easier for you when you need something from them.

For example, how to take care of correspondence, make lectures and research assignments which certainly require respondents or sources. In fact, Friend Zone can also be close to lecturers on campus.

Come on! Take a peek at 7 advantages of being ‘close’ to your seniors on campus

That’s a review of 7 advantages of being close to seniors on campus. So, don’t hesitate to build a good relationship with them.

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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