Come on, take a peek at this easy way to grow roses!

Roses are indeed a plant that can beautify your garden. Besides buying, you can also grow it yourself at home, you know! If you intend to plant it, read this article and pay attention to ways to grow roses that you can try.

Who doesn’t know roses? You could say, this thorny plant is one of the favorite flower lovers in the world. The reason is, in addition to how to plant this flower is fairly easy, roses are also often associated as a symbol of love. Have you ever given or received these flowers from loved ones?

Although this flora is often known to have a red color, there are actually many types of roses with other colors, you know! In fact, there are about 100 species of roses scattered around the world.

If you like this flower, you can also grow it yourself. Don’t worry, we have summarized three ways to grow this flower that you can try. Starting from planting flowers with stems, seeds, to potato media.

Getting impatient to try? Come on, just look at how to grow roses in this article! After that, you can immediately choose the method that you like the most and practice it yourself at home.

How to Grow Roses from Stems

The first way you can do to plant this flower is the stem cutting technique. Cuttings are a method of reproduction plants using plant body parts, roots, leaves, and stems.

Every part of this plant body has totipotency properties, where one cell can divide into other cells. So, even though they are grown from cuttings of stems, roses can still form root and leaf cells.

How to grow roses with cuttings is actually quite easy. However, it still needs the right technique in order to reduce the risk of failure in the planting process. To avoid this, take a peek at how to plant the right roses in the following review, come on!

1. Tools and materials:

  • Rose Stem
  • Water
  • Knife
  • polybag
  • Growing media: soil, manure and compost

2. How to plant:

  1. Choose an old rose stem because it would be a waste to plant it with a young stem. The reason is, planting with young stems will make the plant not last long. To tell the difference, Old stems usually have black spines while young ones are colored pink.
  2. Cut stems 15-20 cm use knife.
  3. Then put the stems in water to keep them fresh during the planting process.
  4. Meanwhile, mix the three planting media evenly. namely soil, compost, and manure with a ratio of 1:1:1.
  5. After mix wellput the planting media into a medium-sized polybag.
  6. Plug it in stem to a mixture of planting media in polybags.

After that, water the plant at least once a day. However, if the weather is hot, you can water it twice, in the morning and evening. Within 1-2 weeks, usually new leaves and shoots are grown from the cuttings.

Well, that’s how to plant it. Easy isn’t it?

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How to Grow Roses from Seeds

Not only planting with stems, you can also plant this flower using seeds using a seedling technique. The seed technique itself is the process of plant propagation by sowing the seeds of the plant.

For those of you who are beginners and are planting this flower for the first time, you should use the nursery technique. Because this method is arguably easier than stem cuttings.

Not only seeds coffeeyou can also easily find these flower seeds, you know! You can buy it at the nearest seed shop. With a price that is not too expensive, you can already get seeds that are ready to plant.

However, before buying rose seeds, it’s a good idea to make sure that the seeds have gone through the stratification process, which is a process that aims for the seeds to germinate easily. After getting the seeds, now is the time to look at the tools and materials, as well as how to plant them, let’s go!

1. Tools and materials:

  • Rose seeds
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Growing media: humus soil, sand and manure

2. How to plant:

  1. Mix humus and sand in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Then put the mixture into the pot.
  3. Plant rose seeds at a depth of 5 mm and a seed space of at least 5 cm.
  4. Place the seeded pot in an area exposed to sunlight for six hours per day. The goal is that the seeds can grow well.
  5. Keep the plant humidity at a temperature of 16-21 degrees Celsius.

If you buy seeds that have gone through the stratification process, they will usually sprout into buds within a few weeks. However, if you plant seeds that have not gone through this process, shoots can appear after 2-3 years.

For the blooming time, it depends on each type of rose that is planted. For example, the type of hybrid tea that can bloom in 6-8 weeks. Meanwhile, there is also a type of rosa nutkana that takes up to two years to germinate.

How to Plant Roses with Potato Media

Source: Boredom Therapy

Growing roses with potatoes? Surely you are curious how potatoes can be used as a medium for growing this one flora. Apparently, planting with potato media can be one way to plant roses so that they flower quickly. Interesting right?

Because potatoes contains nutrients and water which serves as fertilizer, a source of food, as well as a supply of clean water for the stalks as they grow. It’s not surprising, because potatoes have long been known as an osmosis medium.

How to plant it is also quite easy, really! Just follow the steps that will be discussed in the following review. (the technique with potato media is already

1. Tools and Materials Needed

  • Potato
  • Water
  • Land in the yard, you can also use pot media
  • rose stalk
  • Shovel

2. Planting Method

  1. Insert the stalk into the potato.
  2. Prepare planting media. If you want to plant it in your yard, dig up the soil with a shovel, then add the potatoes that have been stalked.
  3. Close the hole again until the stem is only half visible.
  4. Water regularly and flowers will grow after a few weeks.

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Planting Roses is Easy

Well, those are three ways to grow roses that you can practice at home. Pretty easy isn’t it? Although it is not difficult, always pay attention to how to plant it properly and carefully, yes! Don’t forget to always take care of the plants you plant, because if you don’t, all the planting processes you do will be in vain.

If you have succeeded in planting these flora, you can also plant other types of beautiful flora in the garden. To find out more, see information about other types of flowers in IGUCeleb, come on!

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