Completely Peel 5 Mother & Child Health Myths That Are Often Believed


During this time, a lot myth about maternal and child health that parents trust. In fact, from a medical point of view, the facts are very different.

There are also many health myths that are still believed by Mother’s parents. This is what causes the anxiety of the mothers of the era now. In fact, differences in parenting patterns because of believing in myths can cause conflict in the family.

Well, in order to solve this problem, the Community of Advanced Mothers @Ibu2Cnggih held an event aimed at educating mothers throughout Indonesia. Through the webinar, the community that exists on Instagram thoroughly explores the myths health mother and child scientifically.

This event is part of the 1st anniversary celebration of the Advanced Mother Community, with the theme The Power of Sophisticated Mothers. To discuss these health myths, pediatrician dr. Nofiyanty Nicolas, Sp.A.

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What are the health myths discussed? Mother, let’s see:

1. Don’t squeeze baby’s laundry too tightly

He said, if you squeeze the baby’s laundry too tightly, your baby will feel restless. Hmmmis that right, Doc?

“An restless baby can be because of hunger, wet diapers, stifling heat, or colic,” said doctor Nofiyanty, in a webinar entitled Advanced Mothers Community. Advanced Parenting for Advanced Mothers: Health Hoax Surgeryon November 6 last.

“If you are worried about the baby’s condition, please consult a doctor. One of the fastest ways is through the tele medicine application.”

2. Just gave birth, it is forbidden to take a nap

Mom, have you ever heard someone say that if it’s new? give birth to can’t take a nap. He said, can cause blood to rise to the eye. Whoops!

“This is a clear myth, yes. Mothers who have just given birth are advised to get enough sleep and maintain their health,” explained doctor Nofiyanty.

Wow, it turns out that you really need to rest a lot when you have just given birth. Napping can also be an arena for ‘revenge’ for staying up late breastfeeding a baby. Can reduce stress too, Mother.

Check out the reviews of 3 other myths on the next page.

Mothers, also watch about the myths of pregnant girls and boys, in the video below:

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