Confused about how to apply for a job via email? First Pay Attention to the Following 7 Things!


This article discusses how to send a job application via email properly to attract the attention of HRD.

If you pay attention, now more employee recruitment is done virtually. You can apply for work via the job portal, the company’s official website, or email. In fact, now job fairs are also held virtually.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of 1500 professional recruiters. The result, 70% of recruiters will continue to maintain virtual recruitment because it is more cost and time efficient. This change makes it easier for you as well as the recruiter.

Actually, sending job applications online via email is nothing new. However, not a few of us still like to be confused and make mistakes. This can be one of the reasons your application email does not get a response from HRD. Then, how to send a job application via email correctly?

1. Include a subject

Usually, in job advertisements, companies will include a subject for you to use when sending emails. For example, (name)_(position applied for). But, not a few who don’t pay attention to that and end up sending emails without a subject.

So what if you don’t use a subject?

From one job vacancy that is uploaded, there are hundreds or thousands of people who apply. Can you imagine how many emails you have to open, Abang & Teteh HRD?

In order not to be complicated, usually HR willfilter incoming email by subject. Well, if you send an email without a subject or the subject doesn’t match, it won’t appear. So your email is not seen or deleted by HRD because it is considered spam.

Just chat with your crush who isn’t inread, e-mail Do not apply to HRD.

If the job vacancy does not include subject what to write, you can write with job application: (position applied for)_(name).

2. Contents e-mail body

After the subject, the body of the email is also important. Not infrequently, the body of this email is left blank when sending a job application. Whether it’s because you’re confused about what the body of the email is for, or you’re confused about what to write, it’s in the body of the email.

The body of this email can be said to be like an opening greeting from you to recruiters. This can give a good impression or impression for HRD. In addition, this can also give a little picture about you to HRD.


It doesn’t have to be long. Some things you can write down, such as self-introduction, the position you are applying for, what qualifications do you have for the position, or a short story of relevant work experience, thank you notes, and also a contact person who can be contacted. Pay attention to the writing, yes, make sure there are no typos. If you write in English, pay attention to the grammar.

3. Attach the appropriate documents

The documents required by each company are usually different. For example, the job advertisement you see includes the sentence “Send your CV and portfolio to the company email address.”

This also needs attention. Make sure you attach the required documents. If you ask for a CV, just send a CV. If CV equals portfolio, it means CV and portfolio. Do not send other files such as ID cards, diplomas, or family cards if they are not requested. Be careful if you want to send personal documents, because many job vacancies are fictitious.

In addition, also pay attention to the naming files before being sent. If the name of the CV is still ‘CV’, you can change it to CV_(name)_2021, for example. Oh yeah, make sure you’re diligent updates Fill in your CV to attract recruiters. Filename portfolio also don’t forget to pay attention. You can name the file with Portfolio_(name)_2021which indicates that this is your latest portfolio.

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4. Pay attention to the size of the attachment

When you open your job application email, HRD will also open or download the file you reported. If the size is too large, it will take longer to download. It’s likely that HR will skip it because there are still a lot of applications that need to be checked.

So, when you want to attach an attachment, try checking the size again. If it’s still too big, you can compress it until it’s the right size. Ok, attachment size no more than 2 MB.

Also, avoid sending attachments in zip, rar or HTML format. Send attachments in PDF format. This format can be accessed on many devices and does not change the layout so the document remains neat.

5. Use a professional email

This may seem trivial to you. However, if your email name still looks unprofessional, try changing it from now on. Use email that is simpler and easier to read.


This professional email name can give you a professional impression too. In addition, you will not be mistaken for a bot or spam email. So the possibility of your email being opened and read by HR is greater.

6. Don’t send emails to multiple companies at once

For example, you want to apply for 5 jobs with the same position. Keep on thinking like this “Hm, so it’s not complicated and fast, I’ll just blast this 1 email to 5 companies right away, ah.”

Yes, really, so quickly send a job application. But, if so, it will make you look unprofessional. This action can give the impression that you are not serious and lazy.

So, you should send one job application email for one job vacancy. Even if the position you are applying for is the same, you have to send them one by one. This shows that you are really serious about working for the company.

7. Time to send email

After you apply the 6 tips above, one more thing is no less important. Yep, time to send an email.

You can send emails on working days and hours. Based on research by Campaign Monitor, 9 to 11 am is the best time to send email. Usually in the morning, HRD checks incoming email. If you send it in the morning, it’s probably at the top and will be seen by HR.

Avoid sending emails on holidays or outside business hours. Because HRD is also human, they probably won’t check email during holidays. Then usually on Monday there will be many incoming emails. Either a job application or other email. Well, this can make your job application sink. Buried by other emails. The possibility to be seen and read by HRD is getting smaller.

Those are 7 tips for sending a good job application email. You can apply it to apply for the next job, here. Hope this helps and you can get an interview call soon. If you are interested in learning more about the world of work, you can take a IGAcademy class. There are many classes to choose from that can help you successfully start and develop a career. Happy learning~

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