Confused Choosing Thesis Title? Students Must Read These 10 Tips – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are the final students, still enthusiastic about working on their thesis? Or are students still in the stage of finding and choosing a thesis title?

If that’s the case, Mimin has some tips for you. Choosing a thesis title was not random, you know. Friend Zone must pay attention to a number of provisions to get a good thesis title.

The goal is that the title of the thesis immediately gets approval by the supervisor, and will facilitate the process. Therefore, consider the following ten tips in choosing a thesis title. Come on, see the reviews!

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Find the Problem and Determine the Title

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The first thing you have to do is look for a problem topic that can be raised as the main theme as well as the title of the thesis. Finding a problem and then using it as a research topic will make it easier for you to develop ideas when working on a thesis.

Don’t forget that after finding the problem of a phenomenon or case, immediately decide on the title of the thesis. Then, immediately consult with the supervisor regarding the topic and title.

Choosing a Title That Can Be Completed On Time

Illustration of completing thesis on time (Photo: Prospective Students)

Second, the thing you have to consider is being smart in managing the time allocation when choosing a thesis title. This is because students tend to choose a difficult thesis title or theme so they don’t predict when it will be finished.

This will also avoid changing the name of the thesis title while in the process. Because, it turns out that many students are already half way through their thesis but instead want to change the title. Therefore, students are required to be wise in choosing the title of the thesis.

Consider Fund Allocation

Illustration of seeing and considering funds (Photo: Pati News)

In choosing a thesis title, don’t forget to consider the cost aspect. Because, some student thesis research will spend quite a lot of money to run it smoothly.

In addition, in the process, which is often revised by the Dospem, it will also cost money. Starting from the cost of research, print, volume, to the trial of the thesis. Mimin’s suggestion is to choose thesis research that doesn’t require a lot of money, for example, like studying a novel.

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Relevant to Major

Illustration of working on relevant thesis (Photo: Pintek)

When choosing a thesis title or theme, it would be nice if it was adjusted to the knowledge being studied in lectures. In a sense, choose a title and determine the topic according to each major. This will make it easier for you in the writing process.

Diligently Participate in Thesis Examination Seminar

Students in thesis trial (Photo: Undiknas)

The trivial thing that students usually do is not attend seminars on proposals, results, until the trial of other people’s thesis. In fact, this will be very useful for final students to know the simulation during the thesis trial.

Well, besides that, you can raise a theme or topic from the research of other students. In a sense, Sobat Zone looks for gaps in the research and then picks it up as the title of your thesis.

Make Observations

Illustration doing illustration (Photo: Lecturer of Education)

The next step is to make direct observations before choosing and determining the title of the thesis. This observation will make it easier for you to obtain information that can be used as a reference for writing a good and weighty thesis title.

Looking for Title Reference

Looking for references in the library (Photo: Kompas)

You can look for a title reference from someone else’s thesis, especially if you’re a senior. Because, from the thesis reference, an idea will emerge to make the title of your final project. Therefore, take a moment of your time to go to the library and start reading other students’ thesis.

Select Thesis Title

Illustration of making thesis title (Photo: Hipwee)

After successfully finding a thesis research theme or topic, you have to make one to three titles. This is done so that you have an alternative title, if the lecturer does not agree with the title that has been prepared in advance.

Asking for Suggestions and Feedback

Illustration asking for advice and input from lecturers (Photo: Sevima)

In choosing a thesis title, of course, final students must ask for advice and input from seniors to comrades in arms. The point is that you know where the weaknesses and strengths of your thesis title are.

In addition, ask for advice and input from the supervisor. Because, the lecturer will direct students in choosing a good and weighty thesis title. So that the results will be in accordance with the expectations of Friend Zone.

Helpful for Others

Illustrations useful for others (Photo: IDN Times)

The last thing is that the research you do must have its own value, so that it will be useful for others. In this study, you will answer every problem raised and then provide a solution. The hope is that this solution will help others when doing research in the same field as you.

Confused Choosing Thesis Title? Students Must Read These 10 Tips

That’s Mimin’s review of tips for final students in choosing a thesis title so that it runs smoothly during the process.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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