Congratulations, Tarra Budiman’s wife is pregnant with her second child after the holidays


There is good news coming from Tarra Budiman and Gya P. Sadiqah, Mother. Not long ago, this celebrity couple announced the pregnancy of their second child.

This happy news was shared directly by Tarra through posts on her personal Instagram social media. In the upload, Tarra expressed gratitude and happiness.

“Alhamdulillaah. I want to let you know that my beloved wife has entered 8 weeks, I pray that Mother and Baby are always healthy,” he said, quoted from the @tarrabudiman account on Saturday (5/2/2022).

“I was very happy when I found out that my wife was pregnant, it’s no wonder that Kal was tight, didn’t want to be carried by Father, it turns out that he had an inkling first, hahahahaha! Now is the time to prepare to stay up late but not dance anymore, aasooy can’t wait…” he continued enthusiastically.

Not much different from Tarra, Gya also did the same thing. Through her account, the woman who was born in April 1989 said that her prayer was granted by God at the right time.

“God is good.. Answers our prayers at the most appropriate time.. Masyaallah, Alhamdulillaaah ..,” he said through the @gyaps account.

Furthermore, Gya explained that they hoped for the presence of a second child since returning from vacation. Who would have thought, that hope was actually granted by Allah SWT.

“When we were still quarantined on the 2nd day, we came home from vacation yesterday, our prayers were answered again.. Try it test pack early in the morning and the results………+””
We have to take it on vacation first,” he continued.

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In closing, Gya asks for prayer, Mother. She hopes that this pregnancy goes well, smoothly, and is healthy for all.

“Ask for prayers for me and my womb to be healthy & smooth, everyone,” he hoped.

Of course, Gya’s pregnancy makes many people happy, Mother. Through the comments column, fellow artists and followers of the couple offer prayers and congratulations.

“Gya, @tarrabudiman , Kalea congratulations yaa,” said Yasmin Wildblood.

“Oh my gosh, congratulations, Sis, you’re healthy and smooth,” said Siti Badriah

“Wow, congratulations on being a father again for those who will be born, Amin, given health for the mother and baby,” said Asri Welas

“Waaa Swiss baby huh??? Congratulations, I hope you are healthy and safe until your birthday later… Kal gemeesss is a big brother,” continued the account @tika****.

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