COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Requirements for Pregnant Women & Low AEFI Vaccine Types


The COVID-19 booster vaccination or dose three is already running, Mother. For mothers who are pregnant, booster vaccines are highly recommended, you know.

According to government regulations, booster vaccine recipients are people who have received the second dose for at least 6 months. If you are pregnant or pregnant, you can receive a booster vaccine when you are more than 13 weeks pregnant.

According to the Head of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology RSCM, Dr. dr. Suskhan Djusad, Sp.OG (K), booster vaccines are very important for pregnant women. In addition to preventing exposure to COVID-19, vaccines can also prevent the formation of new variants.

“So it is very useful to prevent Covid, we don’t know that there will be new variants later. Now, with this vaccine we can also prevent the formation of new variants again,” said Suskhan to HiMomrecently.

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The COVID-19 booster vaccination for pregnant women is also important to maintain the immune system. As we know, Mother’s endurance can decrease during pregnancy.

Well, if you have been exposed to COVID-19, your immune system can decrease drastically, you know. This condition not only affects the mother, but also the fetus.

“My advice is that pregnant women should be vaccinated because their immune systems are low. Don’t get Covid. Now the Omicron virus is spreading and the President has also suggested boosting it now. If you had two vaccines before you got pregnant, and now you’re pregnant, can you use a booster? OK, so don’t hesitate,” said Sukhan.

“This booster is better for immunity, especially when pregnant women have low endurance. So with a booster, the immune system, which had started to fall, can go up again,” he continued.

There are various types of COVID-19 vaccines available in Indonesia. So which AEFI or low effect for pregnant women?

Check out Doctor Suskhan’s explanation on the next page, Mother.

Check out Doctor Suskhan’s full explanation about the COVID-19 booster vaccine, in the following video:

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