COVID-19 Positive Child Has Asthma Comorbid, This is What You Have to Do, Bun


COVID-19 can affect anyone, including children. Symptoms can be severe in children who have comorbidities or comorbidities, Mother.

One of the comorbidities to watch out for is asthma. This disease can aggravate the child’s condition because it attacks the respiratory tract.

“When Covid manifests, it can aggravate respiratory tract symptoms. From the data reported there is a connection with asthma,” said Pediatric Respirologist, DR. Dr. Nastiti Kaswandani, Sp.A(K) in IDAI Instagram LiveFriday (4/2/22).

“For example, if asthma is not controlled, it means that before the illness there are frequent attacks, there is difficulty in breathing, or shortness of breath, then when you are exposed to moderate or severe COVID-19, the respiratory tract can aggravate the condition of the respiratory tract,” he continued.

When a child is exposed to COVID-19, it is best to deal with his asthma. So, asthma treatment must continue when your child is exposed to COVID-19.

Doctor Nastiti or familiarly called Dian said, parents don’t need to be afraid to give asthma medicine to children when they are positive for COVID-19. Treatment for COVID-19 can be given at the same time as asthma medications.

“When exposed to Covid, asthma medication is still given or controlled, don’t worry. At the beginning of the pandemic, many did not continue treatment because asthma medication had a steroid component. It’s okay to continue so that their asthma is under control,” said Dian.

“Covid treatment is still given according to the degree, if it’s mild it can improve symptoms, if it’s severe it can be given an antiviral. But it’s best to control asthma by continuing with medication, if there is an attack it’s treated.”

So can children with asthma who have been vaccinated get severe symptoms of COVID-19? Click next for the answer.

Check out the doctor’s advice to deal with fever in children, in the following video:

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