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More than 20 digital startups have successfully developed in Indonesia. Starting their career from ZERO, until they got a lot of funding that made their startup no longer just a start-up company. Starting from startups in tourism, crowdfounding, to education and health. All arise because of opportunities that arise from problems around.

Many people think negatively of the emergence of startups, just a waste of money, a waste of time and not clear where to work. But basically those who choose to run a startup are those who are free-spirited but immediately move when they know there is a problem and a brilliant idea appears.

Startups are not companies that have more funds to build or rent buildings to just serve as offices. They prefer to work in a place that not only makes them concentrate, but also introduces them to new people. This is the reason why many places called coworking spaces have started to appear in several big cities in Indonesia.

  1. Jakarta

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One of the places where young people in the metropolitan city of Jakarta to work and build relationships are EV Hive, Coworkinc, and Conclave. Located in the city center, some of these coworking spaces do provide complete facilities for just being a place to work and hang out with friends. Co working in Jakarta continues to be flooded with events that fill one of the spaces in their place. Even for office rent, the prices offered vary greatly. Starting from the daily rental fee, monthly to yearly.

  1. Bandung


less than the city next door, Bandung as the largest city in West Java provides many interesting facilities for young people. Not only recreational or entertainment facilities, as well as facilities for young people to work for Indonesia. Co & CO, Freenovation, and there is also a Recreation Room. It’s not just providing a place to work and collaborate. In this coworking space, we can also find freelancers or freelancers for our company.

  1. Semarang

This lumpia city has 1 coworking space which is quite phenomenal because the founder is one of the band’s children who like the digital world. Impala Space, with a quite unique building concept, we can rent a room with a member system.

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  1. Yogyakarta

Semarang is different, Jogjakarta is different. This city, which is thick with Javanese tradition and culture, has several coworking spaces. Starting from Jogja Digital Valley, Maliome and also Innovative Academy. Coworking in Jogja, of course, provides a place for young people of Jogja to channel their creativity, both for the digital world and not.

  1. Surabaya

Enter East Java. Being the capital of the province makes Surabaya a good center for education, job seekers and collaboration. There are several coworking spaces provided by Surabaya for both freelancers and digital startups. Nin3space, Subco Tierra and also Foward Factory. Providing comfortable facilities for working and collaborating, this coworking space is often used as a place to hold an event.

  1. Poor

Malang city itself is not left behind. Having no less great potential than other cities, Malang also has many human resources who are ready to collaborate with each other. Coworking spaces that are also ready to support, such as Dilo, Ruang Perintis and the newest and most impossible not to try, are NGALUP.CO. Some places are provided to provide a place for freelancers or startups to work, but there are also coworking spaces that provide facilities for the community to hold events every day, namely at NGALUP.CO.

  1. Bali

Bali is one of the places where foreign tourists visit Indonesia. The many potentials and promising opportunities give rise to several coworking spaces on the island of Bali. Gather, Hubud, Dojo, Lineup and many more. Just like others, coworking spaces in Bali provide a place for freelancers both from Bali themselves and those who are foreign tourists. Several coworking spaces in Bali use the concept of nature, starting from the building to the view that is presented to the members.

There are many other coworking spaces scattered throughout Indonesia. Of course the goal is to facilitate anyone to learn, work and collaborate. Because collaborating has become a basic need in the digital era like now, coworking spaces are a place to meet each other with many people we don’t know and even have opportunities to work together to build Indonesia.

Yok, you are confused about where to work, study and meet new people. Coworking space is the place to be.