Cravings for sweet foods are a sign that you are pregnant with a baby girl, really?

Jakarta – Going through pregnancy with a partner, especially if this is the first time, is certainly very happy, Mother. There are many activities that can be done even though the little one is still in the stomach.

For example, invite your little one to chat or guess and guess the gender of your little one with a partner. Wow, that’s really fun. However, instead of guessing, you can guess the gender of your little one from an early age, especially baby girls.

In fact, the sex of the baby on average can only be diagnosed at the age of 14-20 weeks of the mother’s pregnancy. Launching from verywellfamily, It is at this age that the fetus experiences a significant development of the reproductive system.

Especially for female fetuses, eggs begin to develop in the ovaries which reach their peak around 20 weeks with about 6-7 million eggs. That number decreases from this point and continues to fall throughout life.

Meanwhile, in male fetuses, the testes are still in the abdomen, preparing to move into the region inguinal or groin to start down. However, the testicles usually don’t descend into the scrotum until the third trimester.

Are you still curious about how to know the signs of a girl’s pregnancy? Let’s continue, Mother.

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How to find out if a girl is pregnant

quote whattoexpect, There are several signs that indicate you are pregnant with a baby girl, including:

1. Experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum

Most mothers-to-be have experienced morning sickness when they are pregnant. But some mothers experience it much worse, suffer from severe nausea and vomiting or hypermesis gravidarum.

Some studies have found that women who are pregnant with girls are more likely to experience nausea and vomiting more frequently during pregnancy. This finding was even more strongly associated with women who had severe morning sickness.

2. Be extra forgetful

Several studies have also shown that women who give birth to daughters consistently perform poorly on memory tests, particularly in the areas of listening, computing and visualization skills, when compared to women who bear sons.

So the next time you can’t remember where you put your car keys, it’s probably due to the effects of your baby girl pregnancy.

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