Create Maximum Product Descriptions to Increase Sales

Create Maximum Product Descriptions to Increase Sales

Creating product descriptions is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, a lot of preparation is needed to maximize product descriptions and increase sales. The quality of product descriptions can affect sales, because descriptions are one of the things that make purchasing decisions.

Product description becomes the most important point in Sales, Product description serves to describe a product value proposition to potential customers. An attractive product description usually contains information about features, benefits to solutions in problem solving, etc.

The stronger the fantasy a customer generates after reading the product description, the more likely they are to buy it. So, here are some ways to create a good product description that can increase sales.

Understand Product Knowledge

Understanding everything about the product is the main thing in writing product descriptions. When you understand everything about the product, then you can make a more optimal description.

Create Maximum Product Descriptions to Increase Sales

If you still don’t really understand product knowledge, you can start trying to learn about the product. You can understand product knowledge with the 5W 1H technique.

Here’s how to understand product knowledge to make maximum product descriptions:

  • Who is the target audience for this product?? Who is this product for? Here you have to determine the audience of your target market. The target market must be right so that product sales can be maximized. You can understand the Marketing Mix for how to determine the target market.
  • What is the basis of this product? You can specify the details of the basic attributes of the product such as dimensions, materials, features and functions of the product.
  • Where would someone use this product? Where the product can be used, Indoor or outdoor use.
  • When should one use the product? Time can be one of the things that affect sales, you must be able to determine when the product can be used and for how long.
  • Why is this product better than others? Find out what is the plus value of your product compared to other competitors’ products. Explain about the features and benefits that are more than competitors.
  • How does the product work? Not all products must include how the product works, but if your product is quite difficult to use, then the way the product works is a must-have.

The combination of 5W 1H can help you in compiling the maximum product description. These questions are good to use as product description templates when you want the best product description.

Determine the best format to describe the product

How to make a maximum product description? The answer is to determine the best format to describe the product. The product description format itself is the same as the formula to produce a product description.

For example, Using the simple formula below:

[Paragraf Prosa] + [Pargraf/Poin Spesifikasi, Manfaat  atau Fitur Produk] = [Deskripsi Produk]

You can also add some of the formulas below to compose the product description format:

By using this formula you can compose a maximum product description. Remember that writing only the key points is not the best way to tell the story of a product and convince shoppers to buy the product.

By writing a paragraph (three or more sentences) about your product, you can influence and organize potential buyers to realize why they need the product.

Make product descriptions short and interesting

Compile Product Description
Compile Product Description

Don’t make long product descriptions, this can confuse potential buyers because they read a lot. Therefore, the product description should be short and interesting.

You can apply copywriting techniques in compiling product descriptions. The copywriting will help you in writing the maximum description in order to increase sales.

Just write a product description according to the description format that you have previously specified, you just have to compile and place a copywriting paragraph in your product description.

Don’t be afraid to brag

Sometimes you have to write a product description that you brag about, bragging here means that the product description that you make is more superior to your product than other products. Make it look like your product is the best on the market.

Make the plus value of your product a weapon in bragging. Explain better in a brief product description paragraph by including detailed information that proves why your product is better than others.

Remember! In boasting a product, make sure if the description you make matches the state of your product. You can exaggerate about the advantages of your product, because that’s fine. But in making product descriptions, Honesty is the key value.

Create Unique Product Description

Do you know your customers well enough that they won’t read the product description? Do all your customers like to read descriptions? What you need to know is that not all audiences want product descriptions in paragraph form.

Text is not always the best way to describe your product. Images have weight and are more remembered by customers. If possible, showcase your product in a visual that explains exactly what it does.

It is your job to determine whether your product description is in the form of paragraphs or visual content such as images, icons or the like. Look for the content that matters most to them, and find visually appealing ways to get all the information relevant to customers.

Create Product Description
Create Product Description

If you look at the example product description above, there are no long paragraphs to explain the product. Descriptions like this are usually done by big brands. But if you are sure to make a description like that even though the brand is so big, there is no problem.

Technical Description to Increase Trust

If you have a more technical product, don’t be afraid to include a technical description in the product description. Technical descriptions are needed to increase trust.

Prove to your customers your brand’s product expertise in the industry by providing all the details a customer might need to know before they even have to ask. The technical description can be in the form of features, specifications and other technical information of the product.

That’s some information on tips for making maximum product descriptions to increase sales.

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