Create your own HTML Parse Code Version 1

HTML parse tool (parser/converter tool) is a powerful way to parse or convert script or ad code Google Adsense or Chitikaor other ad code to be inserted in the HTML of the blogger template so that the ad can appear on your blogger blog page.

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Small Tool Parse HTML

The usual way with Paste the adsense ad script code in area parser/converter tools, then click on the empty column below it. Then the adsense ad code that has been parse/convert will appear or the html code that you use for tutorials can be displayed on the page without running.

so how do you make Parse HTML tool like above? Here’s how to make parse HTML itself on our blog, it can be placed on the blog page or it can also be placed in our own blog posts.

okay, in this tutorial we will discuss how to make Latest Own HTML Parse On our respective blogs or websites, you can put

this code anywhere if you wantthe demo in the post like the tool above yes:

Please directly copy it HTML Tool Parse Code below this

<span style="font-family: &quot;arial&quot; , &quot;courier&quot; , monospace; font-size: large;"><b><br /></b></span>
<span style="font-family: &quot;arial&quot; , &quot;courier&quot; , monospace; font-size: large;"><b>Small Tool Parse HTML</b></span></div>
<b><div class="style1">
<span style="font-family: &quot;arial&quot; , &quot;courier&quot; , monospace;"><i><br /></i></span></div>
<div style="text-align: center; width: 100%;">
<div style="margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; width: 100%;">
<div id="mainDiv" style="padding: 2px 0;">
<textarea cols="20" id="tarea" onfocus="code_check();" rows="10" style="font-size: 12px; height: 211px; margin: 0px; width: 591px;"></textarea>
<br />
<div style="margin: 0 auto; padding: 5px 0;align:left;float:left;width:100%;">
<b><button onclick="code_convert();" style="margin-right: 5px;" type="button"><span style="font-family: &quot;arial&quot; , &quot;helvetica&quot; , sans-serif; font-size: large;">Parse Kode HTML</span></button>
<button onclick="code_clear();" style="margin-left: 5px;" type="button"><span style="font-family: &quot;arial&quot; , &quot;helvetica&quot; , sans-serif; font-size: large;">Clear</span></button> </b></div>
function code_check(){
var focuscheck=document.getElementById('tarea');if(focuscheck.value.indexOf('Pastekan Disini Kode yang Akan Anda Pasang pada Postingan Blog')>0)focuscheck.value="";}
function code_clear(){
var wtarea=document.getElementById('tarea');wtarea.value="";}
function code_convert(){
var ctarea=document.getElementById('tarea');var toConvert=ctarea.value;
var toConvert=toConvert.replace(/&/g,"&amp;");
var toConvert=toConvert.replace(/'/g,"&#039;");
var toConvert=toConvert.replace(/"/g,"&quot;");
var toConvert=toConvert.replace(/</g,"&lt;");
var toConvert=toConvert.replace(/>/g,"&gt;");


like that, friend, how? now you can do it HTML
alone? ^_^

Hopefully this knowledge is useful, don’t forget to share with your friends so they know too how to make your own HTML code parse that have been tested can be run.


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